My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 239

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 239

“You will all soon witness my abilities,” she said with a stern glance.

She turned her head and looked at the three co-producers before saying, “Fellow producers, I am expecting full cooperation from you in the future.”

“Yes, Producing Director Berry,” the three mentors responded quickly and masked their stunned expressions.

This girl may seem young, but she has a strong aura.

A single look from her could send chills down someone’s spine. She was indeed an intimidating person.

A few ladies were eyeing Ashlyn’s outfit.

Sneaker enthusiasts would recognize that the clunky sneakers she wore were worth 6 figures.

It was a collector’s item. Most people would have it kept away instead of wearing it.

The sportswear set that she wore may look simple, yet it was the latest 2021 spring collection design from a renowned international brand originating from Italy. In fact, it had not been released in the market…

How did she get her hands on these items?

Her outfit is probably worth the price of an apartment!

Although many of the performers from the group lived comfortable lives, none were as wealthy as her.

She must be extremely wealthy.

They were quickly distracted by the group of men that entered the studio.

They wheeled little carts that were filled with boxes.

Everyone looked at them with confused expressions.

What is happening?

Someone gasped in shock as soon as they saw the logo printed on the carts and boxes.

Isn’t that a famous international brand that specializes in dance shoes?

Why are there so many?

Lisa was so surprised that her eyes bulged in astonishment.

Is Ashlyn really that incredible? What’s with all these shoes?

Janet was also surprised.

A few extras who were active on Twitter recognized Ashlyn.

Isn’t she Jared’s girlfriend?

Why is Jared being so generous to her?

I guess having a rich guy as a boyfriend is pretty sweet.

“A performer is like a soldier going to a battlefield. A soldier requires a good set of guns to win the war. Therefore, these dance shoes are for everyone,” Ashlyn said plainly.

The men who wheeled the carts began to distribute the shoes to everyone as soon as she said so.

Everyone was dumbfounded when they held the box in their hands.

Many of them were skeptical while others were astounded.

These shoes cost around 20 grand per pair!

Everyone opened their respective boxes and saw identical pairs of black dance shoes in various sizes. They were rendered speechless at the sight of the dance shoes.

“These are not fake, are they?” Janet asked cynically.

“Feel free to inspect it yourself,” Ashlyn responded coldly.

Someone in the crowd said softly, “It’s authentic, it really is.”

Everyone, including Lisa and the co-producers, were in shock.

It must have cost a lot of money!

There were at least a hundred extras in the Concert Hall.

Yet everyone received a pair of shoes that cost 20 grand!

Even Janet, who had a noble background, could not have pulled this off.

Everyone was in utter shock.

Everyone belonged to different departments, so their wages varied. No one expected Ashlyn to gift them such expensive gifts.

“I hope everyone will cooperate with me,” Ashlyn said impassively. “Learn your dance well and work hard to put on a good performance.”

Janet thought to herself, She’s just living off the Smith family’s money. How dare she act all high and mighty!

At this moment, the workers opened up the last box. Ashlyn pointed at different spots around the room as she instructed, “Install the equipment properly. Put that here, and that goes there.”

Everyone was confused as they looked at Ashlyn questioningly.

The crowd widened their eyes in surprise when they saw the advanced equipment installed around the studio.

A single set of that high-tech equipment would cost millions!

The exterior of the equipment and its brand logo promised that it would not disappoint. The equipment must possess advanced features that could produce rich sound quality!

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