My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 24

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 24

He got up, buttoned the second button of his blazer, and walked out the door.

His assistant, Spencer, followed close behind him.

A bunch of executives followed suit.

The CEO heaved a sigh of relief. The boss has finally finished his inspection. He suggested, “Mr. Nolan, it’s going to be noon soon. I made a lunch reservation at Imperial Hotel.”

Imperial Hotel was the most premium hotel in the city.

The top floor had a revolving restaurant that was frequented by the rich.

However, it was extremely difficult to get a reservation there.

“No need,” the man replied indifferently as he walked away.

The CEO turned to Spencer for help. The boss rarely comes to Nolan Entertainment. Surely he can stay for a meal at least.

Everyone feared this important man, but at the same time, it was a great honor to have a meal together with Lucas.

They would be able to brag about it for an entire year.

Although the employees had worked for the Nolan Group, they did not have many opportunities to meet Lucas. Even when they did, it would be in a meeting filled with other executives.

Even though Wilson was the CEO and the highest-ranking man in Nolan Entertainment, he was simply a big fish in a small pond.

He would not let such a rare opportunity slip.

This isn’t just any ordinary man! He’s the boss of the Nolan Group, the man in charge of South Star Airlines, as well as the first captain of South Star Airlines, Lucas Nolan! Everyone in H Nation knows him! He’s so powerful and rich that even the president has to treat him with respect!

Spencer understood what the executives were thinking, but he was just an assistant. He could not affect the boss’ decisions either.

However, he had to at least try. “Mr. Nolan, it’s difficult to get a reservation at Imperial Hotel. I’m sure Mr. Lowe has put in a lot of effort into this.”

Lucas stepped out of the elevator and walked out in a commanding aura. His calm and aloof eyes were especially frightening and struck fear into the hearts of others.

Many female employees and stars stole quick glances at him but did not dare to stare.

He’s scary! Of course, everyone’s afraid of him, he’s the boss! Ah, he’s so handsome! What a waste though, I heard he’s married. I wonder if Mrs. Nolan is scared of him as well?

All of them had an innate fear of Lucas.

Hence, they felt that Mrs. Nolan must have been the same way. Mrs. Nolan is probably on her knees all the time at home. Kneeling while walking, kneeling while cooking, and kneeling while scrubbing the floor… Then again, with the wealth and status of the Nolan family, it’s probably worth it!

Lucas strode out of the lobby. The sun was unbearably hot and on days like these, his house would stock up on cold drinks and ice-cream made by chefs from Imperial Hotel. Only the best ingredients from the top chefs from Imperial Hotel would be used.

Ashlyn loved such desserts and would often invite him to join in as well.

When she left, the home became nothing more than a house.

Suddenly, Lucas stopped and replied, “Imperial Hotel.”

The boss agreed?

The CEO, who was worried up till a moment ago, was overjoyed and instructed the executives behind him, “What are you guys waiting for? Let’s go!”

The executives had already lost hope and did not expect Lucas to change his mind.

They were nearly brought to tears by this. We must really be lucky today! We managed to get a chance to have lunch with Mr. Nolan!

A few luxury cars, led by a Bentley, headed for Imperial Hotel.

At Imperial Hotel’s revolving restaurant.

It was extremely difficult to get a reservation there. The restaurant was decorated in a refined and extravagant manner and had a good ambience. It felt like it was a different realm altogether.

The entire restaurant was filled with a peaceful and romantic atmosphere.

A woman in a light, purple-colored round-neck knee-length dress was seated in a corner of the restaurant.

She had a cream-colored cardigan over the dress, making her look graceful and pure.

Her silky black hair had been tied into a bun and she did not wear any accessories other than two ruby-adorned earrings. The earrings had tassels attached, so when she looked down or turned around, the earrings would gently brush against her face.

Almost all eyes turned towards her beautiful face.

She was outstandingly beautiful.

In fact, she was more beautiful than any other woman they had seen before.

Jared rushed over, drenched in sweat. When he took a seat opposite Ashlyn, his worried expression contrasted with her beautiful poise.

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