My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 240

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 240

This equipment was produced by the best company in the industry!

“Did she come here to show off her wealth?” A woman asked disapprovingly.

“Why is she acting so high and mighty when all of this was bought with Jared’s money?”

“I bet all she does is sit and look pretty. She doesn’t seem capable of doing anything right.”

Although they had all received Ashlyn’s gifts, they were still feeling indignant.

“Alright, let’s distribute the program list to everyone now. Everyone will be randomly grouped to avoid bias,” Ashlyn said as she took out a lottery box. “Let’s draw lots,” she said as she pulled out a name list. “The Gala night consists of 15 programs in total, with two hours of showtime. There will be two dance performances, six song performances, two song-and-dance performances, and five sketches. Therefore, drawing lots will determine which program you shall perform in.”

Everyone drew lots for the performance category and the specific performances.

Janet was unhappy when she found out she had to prepare a sketch.

She believed she had a good voice and hoped to perform a solo.

Lisa was also displeased as she was not capable of dancing, but that was exactly what she got.

The room was instantly filled with groans of dissatisfaction.

“Ugh, I can’t sing!”

“Oh man, I can’t dance.”

“I wanted to perform in a sketch.”

Everyone was not pleased with the outcome of the draw.

Ashlyn scanned the grumbling crowd. At this moment, her phone rang. “Yes, head South. If you can’t find the place, you can ask the guard.”

Moments after she hung up the phone, a tall blonde man followed by a team stepped into the Concert Hall.

Everyone was stunned when they saw the appearance of the man clearly.

One of the co-producers widened his eyes in surprise as he rushed over to the man and gushed, “Mr. Pierre, is that you?”

The co-producer’s excited behavior sent the crowd into confusion. Then, it hit them and the crowd went wild.

“Is that really the world-class choreographer – Mr. Pierre?”

“Are you sure? Is that really him?”

“Oh my! I think I might faint.”

“How is possible to meet Mr. Pierre here?”

Janet inhaled sharply as she stared at Mr. Pierre in disbelief. She had attended vocal and dance classes since she was a kid. Hence, it was no surprise that she recognized world-class choreographers.

Mr. Pierre was a world-class choreographer who was skilled in many different dance styles. Not only had he won numerous awards, but many celebrities in showbiz would also appoint him as their choreographer.

How does Ashlyn have connections with someone so prominent?

Janet thought to herself, was there something going on between her and Mr. Pierre?

Mr. Pierre’s appearance had caused many jaws to drop.

Even the three co-producers were asking for photos and signatures as they gazed at him with admiration.

Only Ashlyn remained nonchalant.

Lisa walked over to Ashlyn and asked skeptically, “Ms. Berry, how did you invite such a big shot?”

“Well, he enjoys the food from Imperial Hotel,” Ashlyn answered plainly.

“If so, he could just reserve a table!” Lisa countered, looking puzzled.

Ashlyn’s gaze remained steady and emotionless. “The Imperial Hotel offered him an exclusive seat.”

Lisa could not wrap her head around the entire situation.

The Imperial Hotel offered him an exclusive seat which requires no reservation… So what does that have to do with Ashlyn? And what does it have to do with Mr. Pierre taking part in this production?

“Why don’t I understand what’s going on?”

“Well, you don’t have to,” Ashlyn said as she expressionlessly scanned the room.

She would never tell Lisa that she had specially approved Mr. Pierre’s exclusive seat and included a 30% VIP discount card.

The Imperial Hotel was expensive. Hence, a 30% discount would save him a lot of money.

Mr. Pierre was overjoyed.

However, puzzlement plagued him. He could not understand why a talented dancer like Ashlyn would choose to start up a restaurant.

Nevertheless, since Ashlyn had made the request, he could not turn her down.

Ashlyn looked at the excited crowd and said, “From today onwards, Mr. Pierre will be in charge of all dance performance projects. Similarly, the three remaining co-producers will be responsible for the song performances and sketches.”

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