My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 241

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 241

She paused before continuing, “The results of the ballot are out. Those of you who are unsatisfied with the program you drew, don’t even think about changing roles with others. With me as the director, I won’t allow such abuse of power to happen on this stage!”

When the other co-producers heard that Pierre would be in charge of the dance routines, they were stunned.

So he’s really here to teach…

The choreographer’s eyes were bright as she stared at Ashlyn. “Ms. Berry, could I consult Mr. Pierre as well?”

“Of course.” Ashlyn nodded.

“Wonderful!” The other woman exclaimed in joy.

Just then, Pierre entered with his team. Each of the members of his team were incredibly capable dancers.

Thus, the first day of practice began.

Everyone had their own part to play and would need to give it their all if they wanted the entire program to be a success.

Janet Smith was completely exhausted.

The play she was practicing for was about anti-corruption and she was acting as a young director who kept a lot of secrets from her superiors and subordinates.

Her role was an important character and Ashlyn was extremely demanding about how the character should be.

Janet was less than pleased when she discovered she had to act in this play. It was not as glorious and amazing as having a solo singing performance.

An hour of practice later and she plonked herself down in a chair grumpily. Her tone was annoyed as she complained, “That’s it! I’m so tired!”

“Is that so? Then I’ll just have to find you a replacement. I guess your department would send another person over right away.” With that said, Ashlyn took out her phone.

Janet’s temper flared. She was tired, thirsty and all she wanted to do was rest. “Who do you think you are? Don’t assume yourself as some hotshot official who can boss everybody around just because of who you know! Let me tell you, my grandfather is – “

Ashlyn cut her off, “I don’t care who your grandfather is. As long as you’re here, you’ll have to listen to me. You’re Janet Smith, right? I can always just switch you out for another actor.”

Realizing Ashlyn was not going to give in so easily, Janet changed her tactic. “Who wrote this damn play anyway? It’s so terrible!”

Normally, an important celebration like the National Day Gala Night would have scholars with better literary talents to in charge of scriptwriting. This was why Janet felt like whoever had written this play must be some small-time writer.

“I don’t care. You have to change my parts to something simpler. This is just too hard!”

She then moved over to Lisa’s side. “Lisa, let’s change roles. You come and act in the play while I’ll dance.”

Lisa found herself in a difficult position. Acting in a play required a mastery of one’s facial expressions and the ability to slip into the required role seamlessly.

In comparison, dancing was a lot easier, especially since their teacher was a well-known master choreographer. Being able to learn from him was a rare opportunity indeed.

No matter how bad she was at dancing, she was still unwilling to give up on the chance to interact with Pierre. Maybe she could even use this incident to benefit herself…

Decision made, Lisa replied, “Forget about it. Ms. Berry specifically said we couldn’t change roles for personal gain.”

Finished speaking, she turned around and threw herself back into practice.

Janet was so mad that steam was coming out of her ears.

“I need to go to the restroom.”

In the restroom.

Janet was sitting in the toilet, wearing a pitiful look on her face as she talked on the phone. “Grandpa, I really have no idea how to act in a play! Could you talk to Mr. Field, please? That Ashlyn Berry is really infuriating! She’s deliberately picking on me! That woman is just a pretty face using her relationship with Jared Quickton to boss us around! God knows why Mr. Field would think so highly of her. What capabilities could she possibly have?”

“Grandpa… My face is aching so badly with all the smiling I’ve been doing in practice!”

“You’re on good terms with Mr. Field, so he’ll definitely agree to help. Please?”

“Such a simple matter yet you still need my help. Fine, fine. I’ll have a chat with him.”

Janet’s lips curled up into a smug smirk when she finally heard her grandfather speak. “Thank you, Grandpa!”

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