My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 242

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 242

“Alright. What would you like for dinner? I’ll have the kitchen staff prepare ahead of time.” The old man questioned.

“Oxtail soup, buffalo wings and steak.” Janet spouted the first few things she could think of before hanging up.

Hmph! Ashlyn Berry, let’s see who’s more powerful, you or Mr. Fields!

Grandpa Smith had been a military man his whole life. There was nothing he hated more than people who did not have any abilities and yet used their connections to others to get into positions of authority. He believed without a doubt that what his granddaughter said was true. That left him a terrible impression of Ashlyn Berry.

Just what’s going on with James? Why would he appoint her as the director?

After he ended the call with Janet, Grandpa Smith called James. “James, I heard from my granddaughter that you hired a young woman as the director for the National Day Gala Night?”

“Hello, Sir. Yes, that’s right. She’s quite good,” James answered with a smile. “Is there something wrong?”

The displeasure in Grandpa Smith’s voice was obvious, “She’s refusing to let my girl perform a vocal solo. You know how Janet has been performing solo every single year. She has been learning how to dance and sing since she was young. Why is she suddenly being dragged to perform in a play this year?”

Immediately, James understood what had happened. Ashlyn must have been decisive and bold in her actions which somehow pissed off Janet.

“Sir, Ms. Berry is a superb and outstanding woman. I have full confidence in her abilities to make the performance a success. Janet has been singing year after year and people are starting to get bored. Her acting in a play would be something new to draw their attention and is a good idea.” James stated.

Enraged at the other man’s words, Grandpa Smith ended the call right there.

“Forgotten all about me now that you’ve spread your wings, have you? Hmph!”

He would not let this matter go so easily.

In no time at all, news spread about what had happened.

All those who had been itching to change their roles as well were quick to put the idea out of their minds.

They thought they would demand a change too if Janet had succeeded in her endeavors.

But then…

Janet could have screamed in fury.

Even her grandfather personally asking for help from James was to no avail.

The idea to quit the performance had occurred to her but she was reluctant to actually leave the stage.

This was technically also another chance for her to show off her talents. How could she just leave? Especially since there would be judges giving their scores after the performances ended. She would even receive a certificate.

This was the kind of thing one could write in their resumes.

With no other choice, she gritted her teeth and went back to practicing for the play.

The others noted how even she could not change Ashlyn’s mind and quietly returned to their own practice. They did not dare use any of their own connections.

A quiet and shy-looking woman had registered for a cello performance.

Ashlyn was currently sitting beside her. “Charlotte Lynch. You’re going to perform Cello Suite No. 1 by Bach?”

“Yes.” Charlotte’s big doe eyes stared at the woman beside, shining innocently. She looked young and had probably only started working recently, which explained why there was a slightly timid look in her eyes.

“Play it for me.” Ashlyn ordered.

“Huh?” Charlotte had been learning to play cello since young and thought she was pretty good at it. She had originally intended on practicing a little before going home.

This place was too noisy, giving her a headache and causing her to feel incredibly uncomfortable.

That was why she was surprised at Ashlyn’s words.

Ashlyn raised a sculpted eyebrow. “Is there something wrong? Don’t tell me you can’t do it?”

Noticing the shy expression in the younger woman’s eyes, she smiled. The smile lit up her face beautifully, like how a flower blooms in sunlight.

It was absolutely breathtaking!

Charlotte stared at her dumbly, one thought running rampant through her mind. So beautiful! How can there be such a beautiful woman!

“Little girl, did something happen to you last time and hurt your feelings? Is that why you’re so timid?” Ashlyn asked gently.

“No…” Charlotte turned her head away. She was no ‘little girl’; she was twenty years old this year. A grown woman!

If it had not been for her Uncle Lochlan, she would not have entered herself into the performance in the first place.

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