My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 246

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 246

“I bet she’s one of the staff at Imperial Hotel.”

“The hidden musical talent.”

“I hope a record company manages to find her and sign her up. I’ll definitely buy her albums!”

Several people even tagged the official accounts of various record companies.

Videos of the incident spread like wildfire.

The video of Ashlyn singing in the dark also went viral and obtained many likes and shares.

Ashlyn was totally surprised at this turn of events.

Thankfully, she didn’t told anyone her name and it had been so dark that nobody had seen her face. Feeling comforted at the thought, she relaxed a little.

Technically, she could have hacked into the systems and removed everything that had to do with her.

However, she was reluctant to do that because she did not want to catch a certain someone’s attention.

Eventually, the craze would slowly die down.

Seeing that was the case, Ashlyn put the matter out of her head.

The manager of Imperial Hotel had been very busy these past two days. Busy and tired.

Every day, countless headhunters would come asking for news about Ashlyn.

“Are you sure you don’t know who she is?”

“She said she was one of your resident singers.”

“Her voice is just so extraordinary and unique. I’m sure she’ll be a big star once she debuts.”

“She’s gonna be a celebrity, just you wait and see!”

“I’m really sorry but I honestly don’t know who she is.” The manager mopped the sweat on his forehead.

It really is tough to have such a talented boss. And I have to make sure her identity is never revealed!

It was so hard being him.

South Star Airlines.

Today would be the day Lucas had to fly to L nation, so he and Spencer left early in the morning.

As was his habit, Spencer turned on the radio to listen to the traffic broadcast.

The DJ’s voice was sweet and gentle. “The crossroads at Northern Crossing and Southern Crossing is a little congested. Please be careful when driving around there, folks. I’m sure everyone knows about the mysterious woman who sung at Imperial Hotel two days ago, the affectionately dubbed Ms. Imperial. Here’s a recording of her singing ‘Unchained Melody’.”

Spencer was just about to turn off the radio when a familiar voice rang out from the speakers.

Woah, my love, my darling

I’ve hungered for your touch

He was stunned.

If he was right, that voice belonged to Ms. Berry.

Last night…

Lucas, who had his eyelids half-closed, suddenly snapped his eyes wide open.


No wonder Imperial Hotel had managed to keep their customers happy. That woman was singing there!

Did she really like that damn chef so much that she was willing to sing for everyone?

Again, jealousy ate at him.

Or is it that you really enjoyed eating with that blasted Frenchman so much? Or maybe you were singing those songs for a certain someone?

His thoughts whirled around his mind relentlessly and chaotically.

The feelings that coursed through him burned the blood in his veins and ate away at his logic.

When they arrived, he entered the conference room only to hear the crew gossiping about Ms. Imperial as well.

“She really does have such a nice voice.”

“If it had been any other internet celebrity, they probably would’ve admitted to it by now so they could get more fame.”

“Why hasn’t Ms. Imperial showed herself yet?”

“I wonder what she looks like.”

The strongly-built body of Lucas strode into the room. His expression was terrifyingly cold as he swept a gaze across everyone.

A deathly silence descended upon them.

Why is Captain Nolan in such a foul temper so early in the morning?

The air stewardesses exchanged glances with each other. None dared to make a sound for fear of invoking Lucas’ ire.

For some reason, their captain had been rather short-tempered recently.

Unfortunately for the crew members, that meant they were basically in Hell every single day.

Lucas might have been extremely handsome but his standoffish nature made one really want to turn tail and flee.

Sitting down at the head of the table, Lucas started the meeting.

After they were done, everyone perked up and prepared to embark on their journey.

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