My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 248

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 248

Dixon had a wicked gleam in his eyes as he continued, “I’ll personally see to Berry. Sienna, you focus on nabbing the children and do it quickly. The deadline is fast approaching and that family from E city is not a family we want to piss off.”

“Got it!” With that, Sienna departed, leaving Dixon alone in the office.

After a while, he dialed a number. His tone was cold and sinister when he said, “Help me get rid of a woman.”

At the Chapman family villa, Hera was lying on her bed while listening to music. She was bored out of her mind.

She could not go shopping as all the saleswomen knew her by now and refused to sell anything to her. There was no point in going out when she could not buy anything.

She also did not have any truly close friends, which was why she was currently lounging about the house aimlessly.

Just as she was about to go mad with boredom, her phone rang.

The caller ID showed that it was Jenny Holt.

Jenny was also a laughingstock in the upper echelons of society. She was the daughter of the prominent Holt family yet she had gone off to be an air stewardess of all things. Nobody could understand her reasoning.


“Hera, I just got off the plane. I was on a flight with Captain Nolan.”

“Captain Nolan? You mean…” Hera shot up into a sitting position on her bed. “Are you saying that you’re in the same crew as Lucas Nolan?”

“Yeah! Didn’t you know?” Jenny affected an air of surprise. “Several of the biggest shopping malls here are having discounts today. Want me to buy some bags for you? Think of them as a present from me.”

In truth, Hera was sorely tempted.

However, she and Jenny were not exactly close friends. They were just high school classmates.

Why is she suddenly being so good to me?

In the end, she refused, “No thank you. I already have bags.”

“Why so courteous? Every time I fly, I’ll bring souvenirs for my friends. That’s how it’ll be, okay? Bye!” Jenny hung up.

After that, she followed several other flight attendants as they entered a flagship store to peruse the newest bag arrivals.

“Hey, look! Captain is over at that counter!” One of the air stewardess pointed out.

The rest of the group followed her finger to see where she was pointing.

A tall, well-built figure was standing at a luxury brand handbag store. He ordered, “Wrap up all the newest bags. Every single color of all designs.”

The group of females gasped. “How extravagant!”

“Mrs. Nolan is such a lucky, lucky woman!”

“All of the newest designs!”

“Oh my god! I would pass out with bliss if I were her.”

“Even the cheapest bag from that brand would cost hundreds of thousands!”

“That must have cost a fortune!”

Jenny was furious.

She had not wanted to buy anything too expensive for Hera, which was why she only bought two of the newest and cheapest bags. Even so, each bag cost around ten thousand.

Yet even the cheapest one Lucas bought was ten times more expensive than hers. And he bought so many other more expensive ones too!

She was so envious of Mrs. Nolan!

So very, very jealous!

Back at the studio hall, the performers had enjoyed the milk tea from Imperial Hotel in the morning and their delightful snacks in the afternoon.

Some were even beginning to wonder if they were here to enjoy themselves instead of practicing.

Their earlier dissatisfaction at Ashlyn had turned into curiosity as they wondered why Imperial Hotel would deliver food and drinks for her when the hotel had never, ever done so for anyone else.

They marveled at how she could be so generous, placing such a huge order to ensure everyone had a portion.

Last but not least, they were incredibly curious about how much Jared must have spoiled her for her to be so free with her money.

There was also the fact that she truly was a talented woman.

Charlotte’s cello skills had improved considerably under her tutelage.

Even those who did not know much about music could tell the difference in Charlotte’s playing.

Just when everybody thought that was Ashlyn’s only ability, Pierre called her over to help him choreograph the dance.

It took a while but they finally came up with the best moves to the beat.

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