My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 249

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 249

As they discussed the choreography, Ashlyn would try out the moves first to see if it flowed together smoothly.

In that instant, everyone knew she was not a stranger to the art of dancing. The way her body moved gracefully and perfectly in time with the music showed that.

Every now and then, they would hear Pierre exclaiming, “Wow, Ms. Berry, that is perfect! You executed the moves wonderfully!”

“Yes! That’s it! That’s exactly what I’m trying to express!”

With such obvious praise coming from the famous choreographer, how could they not admit Ashlyn was a talented dancer as well?

After she was done there, the co-producer for the play would invite her over to discuss the script and how to portray the characters as well.

Even in this field, the suggestions she offered were to the point and would work perfectly.

One of the co-producers mentioned, “This script was written by Ms. Saunders, so all of you need to give it your all, understand?”

Janet could not believe her ears. “What did you say? Did you just say Ms. Saunders wrote our play?”

“Yeah! Madeline Saunders is one of the most well-known literary talents around. Not only is she great at music and art, she’s also a true genius when it comes to the literary arts. Although Ms. Berry and Ms. Saunders are good friends, it must have still taken quite a bit of effort for Ms. Berry to convince Ms. Saunders to write this script.”

Taking a sip of water, the co-producer continued, “Don’t be so disdainful of her just because she’s young. She really is an incredibly gifted woman.”

The vocal coach added, “Also, I’m pretty sure all of you should know about the famous and mysterious Ms. Imperial by now, right? Listen carefully to Ms. Berry’s voice and then listen to Ms. Imperial’s singing again. You’ll understand what we’re hinting at.”

Being masters in their fields, the co-producers could tell that the voice of Ms. Imperial was the same as Ashlyn’s.

“You have got to be kidding me! You can’t seriously be saying that Ms. Imperial is Ms. Berry!” Janet uttered in shock.

She had been learning how to sing and dance since young and had always thought of herself as an expert in the field.

Janet did listen to Ms. Imperial’s songs. While the songs were already classics, she had handled them beautifully. In fact, the way the she sung it was almost perfect.

That was also the reason why a lot of record companies were looking for her.

It was obvious that she was a professional.

Everyone knew the song and could sing it. However, not everybody could actually sing it well.

Ms. Imperial went beyond well into the realm of amazing.

Despite being spoiled and arrogant, even Janet knew she would not be able to sing as well as Ms. Imperial.

“Janet, you’ve been learning how to sing since young. Can’t you tell?” One of the co-producers asked with a smile.

Janet’s face purpled in rage.

It was absolutely humiliating to admit that. No, she couldn’t tell because she was not as good as she thought.

In the last few years, she always acted so pompous and disdainful of these co-producers.

Now, they were getting revenge on her by publicly mocking her. With Ashlyn backing them up, there was nothing Janet could do but seethe in impotent rage.

Unbidden, her gaze drifted toward the other woman.

Is she really Ms. Imperial?

At the LeClair family villa, Mrs. LeClair was feeling giddy.

Yesterday, she accidentally spotted the young man she had donated money to shopping with a young woman. They were both dressed in matching shirts and were browsing the wares from a luxury goods store.

That young man supposedly had quite a miserable life.

Back then at Tulip City, he looked so pitiful with tears and snot trailing down his face that she felt sympathy well in her and donated five hundred thousand to him on the spot.

The LeClair family dealt in sanitary wares. They were the exclusive distributor for all sanitary wares brands in Lake City and they even had their own brand and factories.

While they were not as influential or wealthy as the Haddock or Jaquin family, they were still considered a rich family. Generations of businessmen had sprung forth from the family and they rooted here in Lake City.

Thus, five hundred thousand was but a mere bracelet or necklace to Mrs. LeClair.


She could not understand why that man would be bringing his girlfriend to shop at a luxury goods store.

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