My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 250

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 250

Didn’t he say he came from a remote village? That it has been difficult for him to get into university and that he could not even afford to pay the tuition fees? Didn’t he say his parents are both severely ill and his sister had fallen down a hill and broke her leg?

She was someone who practically overflowed with kindness and sympathy and was more than willing to help those poor children.

However, if the young man had actually been lying to her then she would be extremely unhappy and angry.

Being lied to was always the hardest thing to accept.

She honestly did not know what was going on.

Her husband noticed her distracted expression and questioned, “What’s wrong with you? Why do you seem so uneasy?”

Mrs. LeClair did not answer. She knew that if her husband found out about her getting cheated, he would definitely scold her.

He was quite good to her but she was more like a trophy to him. She did not get much say and authority in the house.

Sure, he gave her a substantial allowance every month that she could buy things as she pleased and not be looked down upon by the other rich housewives.

But the real master of the house, the one who made all the decisions, was her husband – Derek LeClair.

“I’m talking to you. Why aren’t you answering?” He lit up a cigarette before continuing, “You should spend more time with Sienna Oates from the Haddock family. If Haddock Group’s hotel were to buy sanitary wares from us, we would be able to earn a tidy profit.”

“How much do you think we would earn?” She queried.

Crossing his legs, Derek stated, “Rumors have that their hotel will have 58 floors with 30 rooms on each floor. Calculate it yourself. If they buy all their sanitary wares from us, we would be able to earn at least five million.”

Five million!

Mrs. LeClair fell silent.

She had donated way more than five million ever since she joined Haddock Charity two years ago. At this point, she could not even remember how many poor but talented young people she had helped.

There was also the fact that Haddock Group would have an auction every year and various charity galas throughout the year.

At the very least, there were seven or eight such events.

What if Haddock Group really was running a massive scam?

“Surprised at the amount, eh?” Derek glanced at her curiously. “Why are you acting so weird?”

“Nothing. But don’t you think it would be impossible to profit from Haddock Group? Even if they sign a contract with us, I’m sure they’ll try to do it at the lowest price possible.” She murmured distractedly as she played with her hair.

There was a niggling feeling that told her Haddock Group was more than meets the eyes.

“True. Dixon Haddock is not an easy man to handle.” After that, the husband did not say anything more as he lost himself in thought.

Inwardly, Mrs. LeClair was panicking madly.

She had no idea why she was feeling so anxious, only that something felt wrong and empty.

She hastily finished her lunch before heading out to speak to Mrs. Jones.

They agreed to meet at a relatively remote café.

“What’s going on? Why the secrecy?” Mrs. Jones demanded as she entered the private room and set down her bag.

“It’s like this, Mrs. Jones.” Mrs. LeClair hurriedly told her about what she had seen at the shopping mall yesterday.

There was a bewildered expression on Mrs. Jones’ face. “I thought he was seriously impoverished? I also donated five hundred thousand to him so his family could see the doctor.”

“That’s why I’m so anxious right now. I think he might have been lying to us…” Mrs. LeClair spoke with her face pale.

“Calm down. We have to think this through properly.” Mrs. Jones patted the other woman’s hand comfortingly. “This matter is not as simple as it seems. Previously, the Jeremy Halliwell that Naomi met was a fake, so Sienna reimbursed her one million. It seems like she also doesn’t know about this. Maybe she was lied to too?”

“But Sienna is such a smart and sharp woman. There’s no way she would be tricked again and again, right?” Mrs. LeClair said in a small voice, “I think… I think maybe Haddock Group knows and they’re just setting this up to scam us.”

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