My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 31

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 31

This woman came in cartoon-themed loungewear and red slippers?

He had seen Ashlyn in the Nolan residence multiple times. Every time, she was dolled up and dressed to the nines with the latest branded goods. Her outfits always screamed ‘I’m rich!’.

Why has she dressed this way today? She even has an eerily calm expression…

“Woman, don’t think you’re a big deal just because you’re married to my brother!” Blair declared in a fit of rage.

Ashlyn stared at him coldly as though he was a stranger.

Blair felt an inexplicably strange feeling. It’s like Ashlyn’s a different woman from when she was at the Nolan residence. I’ve mocked her countless times, but she’s done nothing but smiled in return. Why the sudden change now?

“Mrs. Nolan, I presume?” Winsor queried indignantly. He did not appreciate the fact that he had been ignored.

He was a burly man with a ferocious expression. Although he was not ugly, he did not look like a nice person.

“I’m not Mrs. Nolan. Were you the one who called me earlier?” Ashlyn asked Winsor expressionlessly.

“I called Blair’s sister-in-law. You’re his sister-in-law, but you’re not Mrs. Nolan?” Winsor demanded. He felt that this woman was toying with him.


Ashlyn’s whip struck the ground beneath Winsor’s feet.

Winsor retreated intuitively.

This woman and her moves…

Winsor’s arrogant expression was replaced with one of anger.

Blair was completely taken aback as well. Is this really the Ashlyn I knew? I always thought Ashlyn is someone who wouldn’t fight back even when bullied!

“You’ll have to pay the price for disturbing my rest.” Ashlyn’s eyes widened and turned into a cold glare.

It struck fear into one’s heart but was charming at the same time.

Winsor was stunned.

He was a powerful man in Lake City and his bodyguards were all intimidating.

When he left home, everyone who met him treated him like a king.

Only a few important men in Lake City did not fear him.

Who dares to assault me with a whip? No one in Lake City has the guts to do so! Who is this woman? She has no respect for the Jaquin family at all!

Winsor got up and stood at his full height of a hundred and eighty-five centimeters. He glowered at Ashlyn.

This woman is young, has a sharp gaze, and defined features. Even if she is in loungewear, she is extremely beautiful. What a waste that she has such a bad temper for a pretty face!

“Winsor, you’ve got to teach Blair a good lesson! Ouch, my mouth!” An arrogant voice sounded from the second floor. A man around the same age as Blair had walked down the staircase while rubbing his jaw.

However, the moment he came down, he was stunned.

What’s going on?

“So you started this, didn’t you?” Ashlyn snapped at Tinsor.

She showed no change in expression as she raised a hand and whipped him.

The whip struck Tinsor’s calf, bringing him down to his knees and shrieking in pain. “You wench, how dare you hit me?”

“If you didn’t fight with Blair, I wouldn’t have been disturbed from my sleep!” Ashlyn explained angrily.

Blair was taken aback and squirmed backwards. However, that was not enough to avoid Ashlyn’s whip. Snap!

Ashlyn had stricken Blair’s back.

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