My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 33

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 33

Blair hopped behind Ashlyn in a sorry state. Argh, she’ll be the death of me!

Ashlyn quickly strode out of the Jaquin Residence.

“How are you?”

“Are you alright?”

Anderson and Harrison quickly asked her out of concern.

“Of course she’s fine. I’m the one who’s suffering!” Blair whined softly.

Ashlyn ignored them and instructed the twins, “Let’s go.”

The moment she said that, Blair yelled, “Lucas! Lucas!”

He had never felt like seeing Lucas so much in his life.

A Bentley slowly pulled over at the Jaquin residence.

A tall man got off the car and glared icily at Blair, then at Ashlyn.

The sunshine spilling on her fair skin gave her a natural glow.

She was unbelievably stunning!

“Ah, so that’s Lucas.”

“He looks better than in the photos.”

“Well, he looks cold and scary. Good thing the boss divorced him.”

“That’s right.”

The twins had been gossiping in what they thought were hushed whispers, but even the security guard could hear them.

These two idiots!

Ashlyn glared at them and signaled for them to shut up.

This gesture had attracted Lucas’ attention. He scrutinized the two men with similar looks and bright expressions.

They somewhat resembled Jared.

First Jared, now these two?

Lucas was filled with an uncontrollable rage.

Does this woman like these types of men? Those who can’t keep their mouths shut? Tell me she has better taste than that.

“Lucas, help untie me!” Blair squealed worriedly. Why is Lucas staring at that wretched woman and ignoring me?

Lucas did not even give Blair a second glance and demanded, “Stop whining! You picked this fight!”

Spencer was about to untie Blair but stopped in his tracks. Mr. Blair, you heard him.

Blair was astounded. Lucas and I have never been close and I’ve always lived in fear of him. It’s impossible to live happily under the shadow of this genius. I look like a complete moron compared to him!

“Why are you here?” Lucas questioned Ashlyn. He scrutinized Ashlyn and realized that she was wearing red flip-flops and cartoon-themed pajamas.

In the past, she would only wear silk pajamas in front of him. He had never seen her in such cheap attire before.

In the past, she would only wear branded slippers.

Lucas glared at the Jaquin residence. There was a ruckus inside and the door was left wide open.

Within minutes, he saw Winsor being supported into the car by two security guards.

What’s going on? How did Ashlyn bring Blair out from Winsor’s clutches in one piece? Impossible!

Lucas refused to believe the circumstantial evidence.

Just as he was about to ask what happened, Ashlyn grumbled, “Lucas, we’re already divorced, so please get your brother to delete my contact number from his phone.”

“Did Winsor do anything to you?” Lucas ignored the question. This woman has been stirring up a lot of trouble in just a few days after the divorce.

He was frustrated.

At this point, Winsor’s car drove out of the villa. He wound down the window to see Ashlyn and Lucas side by side.

“I’ll remember this!” Winsor spat at Ashlyn. This chick is beautiful alright. Even when standing beside someone as handsome as Lucas, she doesn’t look inferior in any way. To hell with this couple!

Lucas thought Winsor was going to talk to him, but to his surprise, his words were directed at Ashlyn.

Ashlyn smirked. “I’m sure you’ve experienced something unforgettable today.”

Winsor choked and could not find the words to respond.

Lucas’ face fell and bellowed, “Mr. Jaquin, how should I settle the score with you for abducting my brother?”

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