My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 34

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 34

“Mr. Nolan, my brother has been severely injured by this woman and I have to send him to the hospital!” Winsor refused to admit that he lost to a woman.

“Severely injured by who?” Lucas gasped. This woman used to be too weak to open a bottlecap on her own! How could she beat Tinsor up?

“Mr. Jaquin, please come up with a more believable excuse next time.”

“Lucas… He isn’t lying. I was hit too. Lucas, Ashlyn is too much, she whipped me so hard it hurts!” Blair protested in his pseudo-sushi-roll state.

He felt pain everywhere.

Thus, he had hoped for his brother to divorce that woman.

Tinsor was completely taken in by the way Ashlyn beat up Winsor and kept playing the scene back in his mind.

He had become Ashlyn’s fan.

When he heard Lucas express his disbelief at Ashlyn’s feats, he stuck his head out of the window and shouted, “That’s right! Mr. Nolan, my brother was beaten to a pulp by her! She was like, bam, then she sent my brother crashing into the coffee table with one hit! And then, boom, my marble coffee table worth hundreds of thousands just shattered like glass!”

Winsor felt like burying his head inside a hole.

I’m finished! Argh, my reputation has been ruined by this dumb brother of mine! Can I get a refund for a younger brother?

His pride was shattered in front of Lucas.

Even though he tried to cover up the fact, his own brother announced it to the entire world at a voice eight times louder than his, as though he wanted everyone in the world to know.

Can I sacrifice my brother in the name of justice?

Ashlyn? Beat Winsor up?

Lucas shuddered to imagine the scene.

“You…” Lucas struggled to find his voice. “You beat up Tinsor, Winsor, and Blair?”

Blair aside, the Jaquin brothers were involved in the underworld and hence skilled fighters.

“Why do you ask? Do you want to get revenge for them?” Ashlyn queried as she blinked.

Winsor was captivated when she saw her beautiful eyelids moving so gracefully. His anger vanished into thin air.

Maybe, just maybe, it isn’t such a bad thing to be beaten up by a beautiful woman like her after all. No other woman in this world would dare to hit me. She’s Ashlyn, right? That’s what Lucas called her, right? Ashlyn, Ashlyn, what a nice name!

Lucas emanated a strong chill as he stood there.

His expression was as bleak as the winter frost.

“Ashlyn, how much are you keeping hidden from me?”

“Mr. Nolan, you sound like a man who has just been dumped,” Ashlyn chuckled as she brushed her hair aside. It was an unintentional action, but it looked nothing short of stunning.


“Hack! Cough!”

Anderson could not hold back his laughter and Harrison quickly held him back. As a result, Anderson started choking on his own laughter and forcibly stopped laughing.

Looks like the boss hasn’t lost her touch at all! She dealt with three of them alone! Well, that’s what you get for disturbing her beauty sleep!

Winsor was astounded. This woman… She’s not afraid of Lucas? How could she taunt him like that?

Winsor felt much better after hearing that.

Compared to watching Lucas get attacked by his own wife, his injuries were nothing.

Now I’ve really seen it all.

Winsor smirked and his previous frustration and embarrassment had vanished without a trace. He raised an eyebrow at Lucas and sneered, “Well then, Mr. Nolan, I’ll be taking my leave.”

“Tomorrow, the price of Jaquin Group’s shares will drop by three percent,” Lucas retorted, although he still did not take his eyes off Ashlyn.

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