My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 38

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 38

You sure were heartless when you hit me so hard that I couldn’t show my bruised face for a week! I don’t recall you missing me when you beat me up even though it was Penelope who was in the wrong, and you made me kneel outside the house on a winter night! You have no right to talk to me like that!

“Dad, state your business,” Ashlyn scoffed. She had no time to play nice with Horace.

Horace glanced at Susan for help but she simply averted her gaze.

Horace was livid. Hey, we’ve been through this before! Why are you keeping quiet now? Do I really have to say it myself?

He then stared at Mary.

Mary felt indignant but she had no choice but to come into the picture. I’ll make sure this hag doesn’t get away with this later!

Ashlyn caught their interactions and commented, “If that’s all, I’ll be taking my leave then. Grandma’s health is alright.”

“Wait, don’t leave!” Horace called her back. He took on a negotiating tone and began, “Ashlyn, my company has met with some trouble lately. In the renovation trade, we need to give our workers a portion of their pay before starting work. However, the client will often try to stall for payment…”

“Cut to the chase,” Ashlyn snapped.

“Some time ago, we received a job to renovate the Haddock Group’s new hotel. The Haddock Group is a major company, and I spent a lot of time and effort getting this job. However, due to sheer misfortune, one of the workers met with an accident during work and fell from the ladder. Now, the Haddock Group wants to stop working with us and wants us to pay them double the amount as a penalty. The worker’s family members aren’t understanding either and keep causing trouble for us in front of the office building.”

Horace then requested, “Ashlyn, I know you’re a doctor and a rather famous one at that. I heard that Arthur Haddock has contracted a rather severe disease. Would you mind taking a look at him? If you manage to treat him, perhaps Dixon won’t pursue this matter any further.”

Horace had finally told her what he needed. However, given his personality, it was unlikely that he was telling the truth.

After all, he had not mentioned the injured worker at all.

Ashlyn knew that things were not as simple as they seemed and queried, “How’s the worker? Is his injury severe?”

“Don’t even talk about him! He’s staying in the ICU now! He’s done nothing but cause losses for the company. I’ve already compensated a hundred thousand!” Horace grumbled. If this worker weren’t so careless, I wouldn’t have to deal with this mess.

Ashlyn raised her eyebrow in a mocking manner. If he’s really in the ICU, the hundred thousand won’t last him a week!

“How long has this been going on for?”

“A week,” Horace replied in trepidation. Ashlyn had been a very obedient girl when she was young, but she has become temperamental as she grew older. To top things off, she’s so smart! I really can’t get a handle on her. I have to use my mother as bait to meet her. Otherwise, she doesn’t care about me at all!

Every time he met Ashlyn, he would be furious, but he could not explode because he needed her help.

Ashlyn smirked. “You’re only telling me this after a week?”

“Your dad just doesn’t want to trouble you! We’ve really asked a lot of people for help. If your grandma weren’t ill, your dad wouldn’t have turned to you for help,” Mary explained.

Argh, this woman will be the death of me! Penelope is working at the First Hospital as well, but she is only an ordinary surgeon. On the other hand, so many rich men support Ashlyn! I get angry just thinking about this! Also, what does she mean by only doing one surgery a month? Stop acting so high and mighty! You must’ve slept with some rich men to get this status! You’ll lose everything sooner or later!

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