My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 42

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 42

Old Mrs. Berry has had it tough in the Berry Residence. I wish I could tell Ms. Ashlyn that Old Mrs. Berry wasn’t sick at all! Horace had pierced his mother’s hand using a needle to make it look that way. Horace and Mary have been abusing her and now they’ve even accused her of stealing! Old Mrs. Berry is living worse than me right now, and I’m a servant! I’m already sweating after staying for a few minutes in this storeroom. Who knows what will happen if I let such an old woman stay here!

“Forget it,” Susan mumbled. Her head still hurt, so she lay on her bed and stared blankly at the ceiling.

I can’t forgive myself. Ashlyn’s mother’s death doesn’t seem natural no matter how you slice it. It must’ve been that son of mine! After Ashlyn’s finally escaped from the Berry family’s clutches, I can’t possibly drag her down any further!

Meanwhile, in the South Star Airlines meeting room.

Lucas was engaged in a pre-departure briefing.

Everyone present could tell that he was in a foul mood.

The man’s cool and aloof expression was much sterner than usual.

Every word that escaped his lips had an icy and threatening tone. Finally, he ended the meeting with, “Dismissed. Prepare for departure.”

As Lucas stood up, his captain’s uniform was bulging and highlighted his muscular build.

Lucas adjusted his cap and left.

The co-pilot and the purser, Nancy, followed behind him.

Then, the flight attendants followed suit as well.

The entire group made their way to the plane.

One of the flight attendants whispered to Jenny, “Is it just me, or is Captain Nolan in a bad mood?”

“Doesn’t he look more charming this way?” Jenny smiled as she stared dreamily at the tall figure walking in front.

When she considered the possibility that he was in a bad mood because he had a tiff with his wife, she was overjoyed.

After all the routine checks, Lucas prepared for takeoff as per usual.

He recalled the last time he flew a plane. Back then, Ashlyn was with him and they had not divorced yet. In the four years of their marriage, she had only accompanied him once. “Captain, all systems go,” the co-pilot reported.

Lucas pulled himself together and nodded.

Before take-off, he did a routine check on the passenger list.

When he saw Ashlyn’s name, he frowned and stared at the name for a long time before returning the list to Nancy. His eyes narrowed as he instructed, “Keep an eye on her and the passengers around her.”

Nancy was taken aback. Ashlyn Berry? Is there anything special about her?

When she took a look outside, she understood what was going on. Isn’t she the girlfriend Mr. White brought last time?

She was in a light purple dress which made her skin look even fairer. Her defined features were beautiful and captivating.

Just by leaning against the window, she was a sight for sore eyes.

There were countless beautiful flight attendants working for South Star Airlines and Nancy was a beauty herself. However, she had to admit that they all paled in comparison to this woman.

Everything was normal with the flight and the clouds shone with a pale glow.

Soon, Nancy walked in and reported, “Ms. Berry took a quick nap but woke up because her male neighbor dropped his earbuds on her seat. She picked them up and returned them to him.”

Lucas frowned. That’s got to be intentional!

“That man dropped his portable charger while fumbling for it in his bag and Ms. Berry picked it up for him again.”

Shortly after, Nancy entered the cockpit again.

Before she could speak, Lucas sneered, “What did that man drop this time?”

“This time, he didn’t drop anything, but he offered to help Ms. Berry stow away her luggage.”

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