My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 44

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 44

“She already ate,” Nancy answered quietly.

Lucas gave a satisfied smile after hearing this.

Seeing the purser coming out from the cockpit, Jenny got curious and asked, “Nancy, what are you up to? You’ve been in and out of the cockpit a few times!”

Jenny examined her expression closely, wondering if Nancy also had a thing for Captain Nolan.

She put up her guard instantly.

Nancy was speechless. She was not interested in getting into any drama. “A few planes crashed in other countries recently, so Captain Nolan has been asking for frequent updates on how the passengers are doing.”

“Don’t you think it’s unnecessary to report back to him so frequently?” Jenny felt something was a little off.

“You know the captain takes his work seriously. Do you think I enjoy running in and out so many times?” Nancy replied, stretching her limbs after she finally got to sit down.

The flight was crossing into Italian airspace.

Lucas immediately reached out to the local air traffic control, requesting a lower altitude so the flight could be more stable.

It had been five to six hours since they took off. The co-pilot said to Lucas, “Captain Nolan, let’s switch.”

Lucas nodded and got up.

The co-pilot quickly moved over.

By the time Lucas opened the cockpit’s door and stepped outside, the sky over the horizon was already dark.

The cabin was dimly lit. Some passengers were sound asleep, while others had their headphones on listening to music.

Lucas could hear a few people snoring away.

Ashlyn was in the third last row. She had bought tickets for the whole row of seats, so there was no one next to her.

Right now, she was resting her head against the seat with her eyes closed.

Across the aisle, Lucas spotted Yakov. His blond hair fell loosely on his forehead, making his skin look particularly fair. His glasses elegantly rested on his prominent nose bridge, but to Lucas, he was still not the best-looking guy.

He walked down the aisle, sat down beside Ashlyn, and took a good look at her.

Ashlyn was alerted. Sensing a warm presence, she reflexively opened her eyes.

The light was faint. But she could still vaguely see Lucas’ refined and flawless features.

She found herself lost in his mesmerizing eyes until his sturdy voice called her name.

“Ms. Berry,” Lucas called softly. “Welcome onboard, I’m your pilot, Captain Lucas Nolan.”

She did not realize Lucas was the pilot when Nancy asked her about the strawberry juice. It was not until the meal was served just now that she found out that he was indeed the pilot—and that he even knew she was on this flight.

But she did not expect Lucas to come over to the cabin and look for her.

Since we have decided to go our separate ways, why not just treat each other as strangers? Ashlyn wondered.

“Captain Nolan, I’m resting. Please stop bothering me,” she said indifferently.

“I want to rest too,” he replied, giving her a determined look.

Ashlyn could not do anything with him. “Well, then go back to your own seat.”

“I like this seat,” Lucas replied wittily.

“Mr. Nolan, I already bought this seat,” she retaliated.

“Well, why not you kiss me? And I will leave immediately,” he said cheekily. He gently took a strand of her hair and started playing with it.

Ashlyn pushed his hand away. But Lucas continued making fun of her, saying, “The guy over there, do you think he’s handsome?”

Ashlyn really thought Lucas was the most childish man ever. She knew who he was referring to. Looking at Lucas for a few seconds, she went back to sleep. She did not have the energy to deal with him.

“I will take it as you think I am more handsome then,” Lucas whispered in her ears.

His breath tickled her ears and she could not help but tilt her head a little.

Snippets of memories came flooding back. This man used to come up close and whisper all sorts of nonsense in her ears. Those were the days.

She shook off the thought. Seriously, what is he doing here? He should be working instead of babbling nonsense here.

“Honey, you are always so nice to other people. You even helped him with his luggage. But you’re always so cold to me.” There was a hint of jealousy in Lucas’ voice.

“Oh, is that what you want? Can I throw you into the overhead compartment too? Do you want to try?” Ashlyn replied impatiently.

“Don’t you used to like strawberry juice? Oh, and you used to like me biting your ears too, which is just what I’m about to do.” Lucas made his voice deep and sexy, throwing a provocative glance at her ears. He opened his mouth slightly. Biting her earlobe, he gave it a little tug, and smiled.

Is he for real?

He must be crazy!

Feeling his lips on her ears, Ashlyn became slightly disconcerted. She almost let out a moan.

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