My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 45

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 45

They were married for four years. He knew just right where to touch.

“I don’t like strawberry juice anymore. It’s better to let go of things when you have already outgrown them,” Ashlyn said coldly. But this was exactly why Lucas found her attractive.

A shade of pink lingered on her fair cheeks. The faint lighting made her all the more desirable.

Her almond-shaped eyes glistened in the dark.

He had not slept with anyone after they divorced, and this woman in front of him suddenly became more irresistible.

Never had he realized that this woman had such powers over him.

Just a look from her could make him want her there and then.

Ashlyn could sense his pent-up frustration, and it was suffocating.

He locked his gaze on her face.

She finally pushed him away and said, “Go back to your seat and rest.”

“I’ll just rest here.” Before she could even react, Lucas grabbed her waist and scooped her up, putting her on his lap.

For a moment, Lucas felt he finally found the missing piece of his life. His heart was full.

He did not like being alone in an empty room. I don’t like it at all.

Everything now felt so familiar. The woman in his arms, her scent, her body. She made his heart pound.

Ashlyn struggled to break free from him. But Lucas was not letting her go.

“Stop it. Just stay here or you’ll have to clear up more mess,” Lucas warned her.

Ashlyn understood what he meant. She sat still at last.

She could not do anything but her face was crimson red from anger and embarrassment.

Fine! We were married for four years anyway, so it’s not like this is anything new!

I’ll just take it as a random handsome man hitting on me.

She glared at him and closed her eyes.

After some time, Lucas opened his eyes and gazed at her. Just as he was slowly moving toward her, a shout broke the suspense.

“Gosh! Just let me sleep in peace, will you?” An angry passenger shouted, slamming the magazine in his hand on the floor.

Lucas opened his eyes, looked at Ashlyn, and located where the voice came from.

The vexed passenger was a man in his 20s.

The commotion startled the other man sitting beside him, who was also now awake. He turned toward the first man and said, “Come on man, what is the fuss about? I need to sleep!”

The noise had awoken many other passengers.

“What the heck? You’re the one who has been disturbing my sleep! You’ve been snoring all night through, and now you’re saying I’m being noisy?” The irritated first man shouted.

The situation quickly escalated into a heated fight.

A few flight attendants quickly came out to appease the two.

Nancy handled the situation professionally. “I am the purser here. Let’s settle this calmly, shall we?” she said to the two men.

“Settle this? What do you know? All you know is ‘tea or coffee!’ I want to see your captain!” the second man ridiculed.

“Get out of the way! Do you own this plane?” the first guy pushed Nancy away.

This was not something new— flight attendants were never treated with much respect.

Nancy was taken aback. She tried to hold her anger in and said slowly, “Please calm down. We need to make sure no one’s safety is affected here, okay?”

Just as the two men were about to start a fight again, a severe and commanding voice came from behind.

“I am the captain. If you continue to disrespect my cabin crew, I will order an emergency landing.”

A tall and imposing man in uniform appeared before them. The air around him was intimidating and solemn.

Anyone could tell he was not in his best mood. But they did not know it was because someone just interrupted his kiss. Lucas would make sure these people pay up.

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