My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 46

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 46

Everyone was dazed. They had never seen such a fine young man before.

His enchanting and attractive aura amazed the passengers.

How can a captain be this good-looking? They wondered.

Lucas’ entrance shocked the two men who were previously fighting. Disconcerted, they stuttered accusations at one another. “He started it,” the second man said, pointing at the first man, who retaliated by saying, “He was the one who started snoring and disturbing me!”

The whole business class cabin quickly became unsettled. Passengers craned their necks trying to see what just happened; some of them gathered around trying to understand what was going on—but no one failed to notice the handsome captain standing in the middle of the two angry passengers.

This man was like a magnet. He attracted all the attention.

Ashlyn was peeved. Rude passengers like these just had to ruin her peaceful journey.

“You guys want to fight? I can land the plane right now,” Lucas stated curtly. “I can also send you to the police station if you like,” he added.

Some passengers started fearing the worst and whispered among themselves, “What… It’s already so late at night! It’s dangerous to land now!”

“I know right? Where are we now again?”

Ashlyn decided to put a stop to all this fuss. “Alright, why not Captain Nolan give each of them a parachute and push them off?” she interjected.

Her eyelashes flapped gently against her beautiful eyes as she blinked hard, trying to elicit a response from Lucas.

That crisp and melodious voice of hers turned many curious heads.

Everyone was in awe.

They could not believe they actually overlooked such a beautiful woman on their flight.

A heather-purple dress adorned her glowing skin and slim body. Her pair of beautiful eyes, plump red lips, and pink cheeks grew so perfectly on her exquisite face.

Jenny was bewildered. She did not expect to see Ashlyn here.

Why is she on board? Why didn’t I even realize she is here?

Lucas was mesmerized. Ashlyn’s voice sent a chill up his body.

It had been a long time since he heard her talk like that. She had always been so cold to him after they divorced.

Her suggestive voice echoed in his ears, reminding him of the times when they were still married—especially when they were doing those things in their bedroom. She would beg him to stop every time they were in bed. But her tantalizing and sensuous moans only made him wanted to go deeper and faster.

Lucas drew in a breath slightly before he collected himself and looked at the crowd. He realized the male passengers were looking at Ashlyn and he was irritated. He shouted at the two men, “Hand me your passports!”

“Why? You’re not a cop!” the first man reacted.

“I am the captain in charge here and I’m responsible for everyone’s safety. Your unruly behavior is disrupting the flight and therefore I have the right to ask for your passports. One more word and you’ll be out!” Lucas was at the tip of exploding.

He wanted to dig out all the eyeballs glued to Ashlyn right now.

If these two scums are not gonna stop, I’ll seriously throw them out!

The two passengers had no choice but to take out their passports.

Nancy quickly came over and took their passports. “An American and a Frenchman,” she reported.

“I will be keeping your passports until the end of the flight.” Lucas glared at them from the side of his eyes. Before any of them could say anything, Lucas continued bombarding them. “According to our country’s Civil Aviation Law, the pilot’s responsibility includes taking necessary and appropriate actions against anyone who damages the aircraft, disrupts order within the aircraft, endangers any personnel or property within the aircraft and poses a threat against flight safety. So if you want to sue me, go ahead. Just be ready to lose.”

After the harangue, Lucas took a glance across the passengers, warning, “If anyone would like to follow suit, feel free to do so. This is what will happen to you.”

“But you can’t…” Before the first man could even finish his sentence, Lucas shot him a fierce glare and he shut up.

Lucas then asked Nancy to keep an eye out for the passengers before he went back to Ashlyn.

Jenny was upset. Why does he even sit beside her?

Why do they look so intimate?

Over at Ashlyn’s side, Lucas finally got to sit down after the whole ordeal. He was in a foul mood.

“Do you think I look cool back there?” Lucas knew Ashlyn was not asleep. He purposely went close to her and asked in a low voice.

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