My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 48

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 48

“What’s the matter?”

“Come on, what’s happening? We really need to rest!”

“Why are you crying, Jenny? I didn’t even say anything to upset you!” Nancy clearly did not want to bear the blame for waking everyone up.

“I saw Captain Nolan kissing that woman just now!” Jenny was infuriated. She had waited for Lucas for so long, and it was not like she did not come from a good family. She gave up her executive job in her family business, took up the cabin crew assessment, and even used some connections just to get on the same flight as Lucas.

She had invested so much time and effort in him, but what did she get in return?

Lucas did not even spare her a look. He only had eyes for that b*tch.

She was treated like a princess at home, but she was willing to go through all hardships just for this man.

When she found out that Lucas got married, she refused to believe it because technically, no one had ever seen his wife. So she stubbornly believed that he was still single.

But after what she had been through because of him, this was what she got. She saw them kissing!

“Which woman are you talking about?” Nancy acted as if she did not know Ashlyn was on board.

“That woman on the third last row!” Jenny replied angrily, wiping her tears away.

“Oh, you mean that woman? Isn’t she Mr. White’s girlfriend?”

Nancy tried acting like she did not know anything. She looked at Jenny and thought hard. This woman must be out of her mind. Captain Nolan has been married for years! Is she still dreaming about becoming his wife?

Although Nancy was not sure herself if Ms. Berry was Captain Nolan’s wife, judging from their interaction, it must be true that she was his wife.

And if she had to choose between Jenny and the captain, she would definitely stand by the captain.

Jenny was a spoiled girl. Many among them did not like her haughty attitude when she was talking to other flight attendants.

Everyone was simply trying to be polite; no one actually treated her as a real friend.

“I saw what I saw! I saw him kissing her!” The scene kept replaying in Jenny’s mind. It was driving her crazy. “What’s wrong with Captain Nolan? She is not even that pretty! What does he even see in her?” she berated.

This quickly became a personal attack against Ms. Berry. Everyone was in a tight spot because they did not know if they should join the conversation.

What if Captain Nolan really liked her? What if she was really his wife?

Besides, Captain Nolan was South Star Airlines’ boss. Back when South Star Airlines was falling apart, Captain Nolan came in and reformed the whole company. He even took up the captain’s role and revived the company.

Because he became the captain himself, South Star Airlines’ business had been growing exponentially.

Who would want to cross a boss like him?

“Jenny, we don’t know what kind of a person she is. I’m pretty sure we made it clear during your pre-job training that we should always be polite to our customers. I hope this is the last time I’m hearing remarks like this from you,” Nancy said after much thought. I am the purser here anyway, so even a princess like you will have to listen to me. This is my territory.

Nancy had to do her job. It was time to set things straight and let everyone know she was in charge here.

Talking bad about people behind their back was way too distasteful to Nancy.

On top of that, Ashlyn really had nothing to do with this. She was not even aware that Jenny liked Lucas, and she did nothing to harm Jenny. It doesn’t mean that you have all the reason to talk bad about Ashlyn just because Lucas kissed her.

Nancy’s blood boiled thinking about the way Jenny looked at the situation. To her, Jenny was simply being unreasonable. Lucas is not even your husband; your feelings for him are purely one-sided.

Who are you to throw such a tantrum?


Lucas was woken up by a sudden turbulence.

Being with Ashlyn made his sleep sweet and sound. He woke up refreshed and in a better mood.

Opening his eyes slowly, he saw the passengers were still relaxed.

But it did not take long before the flight shook violently because of the turbulence.

Ashlyn frowned.

Lucas got up in a hurry and took a look at the woman beside him. From his angle, he could clearly see her long lashes and her frown.

He bent over and gently whispered, “I’ll go over to the cockpit.”

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