My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 52

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 52

The plane had returned to normal as the turbulence had passed.

The passengers, who had been nervous all this while, heaved a long sigh of relief almost simultaneously, joyful that they were now safe.

“Great! It’s finally over!”

“I’d thought that we might’ve died today.”

“Mom! Isn’t Mrs. Nolan cool? Captain Nolan is awesome too!”

“Yes, agreed!”

“Mrs. Nolan is so calm and collected. She’s so awesome!”

Some passengers even started cheering and jumping for joy.

The air stewardesses quickly stopped them, as they requested for them to quiet down.

The one who was feeling the most downcast was probably Yakov. My goodness! I didn’t expect such a magnificent and good-looking lady to be already married.

Right at this juncture, a captivating baritone voice broadcasted from the intercom, “Hello everyone. This is your captain of this flight speaking. I’m Captain Lucas Nolan. The airplane was affected by a nearby thunderstorm earlier, causing severe turbulence. On behalf of South Star Airlines and all the crew members, I sincerely apologize to everyone. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation, and for your trust in me and my crew. Finally, I wish to thank my wife for calming everyone down during such an ordeal. Thank you to all the members of the cabin crew for your efforts. Our plane will be arriving safely in Italy in fifteen minutes. Lastly, I wish you all a pleasant journey and thank you for choosing South Star Airlines.”

The pilot spoke in English first before repeating the broadcast in French.

“Oh my goodness!”

“This Captain Nolan is so perfect! Not only is he handsome, but rather, his voice is irresistible as well!”

“His piloting skills must be top-notch!”

“Awesome! I will only travel with South Star Airlines in the future!”

“Mrs. Nolan has such a kind heart. She has a beautiful look to match it too!”

“What a perfect pair made in heaven!”

Ashlyn had just returned to her seat when she heard Lucas’ voice over the broadcast. She felt reminiscent all of a sudden.

The passengers around her kept thanking her as she smiled at them.

Meanwhile, Jenny’s head was buzzing. Is it true… That she is really Mrs. Nolan?

Lucas Nolan’s legal wife?

The bombshell revelation was too much for her to handle. She was dealt a devastating blow.

Meanwhile, Nancy sat on her seat with a headache. Upon hearing that the plane was finally safe, the adrenaline rush that was holding her together subsided. Her eyes went dark as she blacked out.

A flight attendant who was standing nearby took notice of this and asked, “Chief attendant, what’s the matter with you?”

Ashlyn got up and walked over, touching Nancy’s nose to check her breathing. Soon, she flipped Nancy’s eyelids open to observe her pupils. She checked Nancy’s body again and felt relieved to sense her steady breathing and strong pulse.

Fortunately, it was not serious. She had merely fainted from the pain. It was just a minor trauma.

Jenny exclaimed irritably with an aggressive tone, “What are you doing?”

“She’s just passed out temporarily. It’s nothing serious,” Ashlyn told the annoyed flight attendant. “In addition to that, she’d suffered from extreme mental pressure earlier. Let her rest to regain her strength, and she’ll wake up after a while.”

“Excuse me! Are there any doctors around? Doctors?” Suddenly, a nervous-looking young man who was sweating profusely rushed over from the economy class section of the cabin.

Ashlyn handed Nancy over to the nearby flight attendant and said, “Take good care of her.”

Immediately after that, she rushed towards the young man. “I’m a doctor. What is wrong with your mother?”

“You’re a doctor? Great!” The young man could not care less about Ashlyn’s youthful appearance. He grabbed her by her arm. “My mother has mild high blood pressure. She had it under control all this while. However, when the plane shook wildly, she panicked. She is now gasping and experiencing difficulty in breathing. The oxygen mask doesn’t seem to help at all!”

The young man ranted on, as Ashlyn followed him to his seat. She saw a plainly dressed middle-aged woman sitting there, her face deathly pale, her lips drained of color, and her chest constantly rising and falling as she gasped for air.

She exhaled more breaths than she inhaled.

“She is showing obvious symptoms of anxiety, panic, dizziness, and mental fatigue. Does she carry any oral antihypertensive medication on her? The type she usually takes at home?” Ashlyn asked as she held the middle-aged woman’s wrist and checked her pulse. As she did not have her stethoscope with her, she had no way of performing any auscultation on the woman, and could only rely on visual observation of the woman’s breathing pattern.

“Ever since my mother’s high blood pressure had dipped some time ago, she hadn’t had any medication. That’s why she’s here now. She’d wanted to fly abroad to relax. She had never been overseas her whole life. I can’t believe such a disaster had happened on her very first flight!” The young man lamented bitterly.

He seemed as though he was a very filial son.

“Don’t cry,” Ashlyn tried to comfort him. “I’d noticed some middle-aged passengers present on this flight. Now go and ask them one by one whether any one of them has medicine for lowering blood pressure. Your mother is nervous, and that’s why her blood pressure had spiked so suddenly.”

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