My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 53

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 53

The young man wiped away his tears as he started going around to ask others.

Ashlyn clasped the middle-aged woman’s hand and soothingly assured her, “Madam, hear me out. Our flight is very safe. My husband is the captain of this flight. He’s Lucas Nolan, and I am his wife. Don’t be afraid. Being on the same flight as him, my husband definitely wouldn’t want me to die. He will certainly prioritize our safe arrival in Italy.”

The middle-aged woman shook her head weakly, her breathing still unstable.

“You must be strong. Once we get off the plane, you will be sent to the hospital immediately. You have a filial son so you must hold on for his sake. Do you understand?” Ashlyn continued to comfort the woman.

“Thank goodness! Someone had brought along some antihypertensive pills!” exclaimed the young man excitedly.

“Give it to your mother. And come over here to comfort her. If you continue to cry, who is going to take care of your mother?” Ashlyn commanded.

The other passengers in the cabin observed Ashlyn silently. Not only was she beautiful, but she was also confident and her presence radiated a certain comforting assurance to all who were around her.

Ashlyn stayed beside the middle-aged woman all the way until the airplane had landed smoothly.

Several ambulances were already waiting, along with the medical staff. The passengers alighted from the plane in an orderly fashion one after another as directed by the air stewardesses.

From afar, the doctors and nurses came rushing over and carried away the middle-aged woman, as well as Nancy in stretchers before loading them up into the ambulances. Soon, the ambulances sped away from the scene with sirens wailing.

The passengers who alighted the plane did not immediately leave.

Instead, they waited patiently at the airport tarmac for a long while.

They had waited for all the cabin crew members to disembark until they had finally seen Lucas. Without a word, they all applauded in unison.

Standing at the door of the cabin, Lucas appeared tall and slender. His captain’s uniform fitted him perfectly, carrying with it a certain confidence-inspiring aura.

His handsome face was stoic and serious, as his expression was capable of making others shudder.

However, everyone there felt awed and assured by his presence, for he was the hero who had piloted the plane, landing it safely.

He ordered the air stewardesses to return the passports that were previously confiscated from the dark and light-skinned duo.

The duo looked at him excitedly and proclaimed, “You are the best pilot. We are honored to be your passengers.”

This was followed by another burst of applause from the crowd.

Lucas bowed and thanked the crowd. The co-pilot and the stewardesses behind him did the same. “Thank you all for your understanding and trust!”

“Captain Nolan! Thank you!”

At this moment, the airport ground crew began to usher them away from the tarmac. “Please don’t disrupt our normal workflow. We understand everyone’s desire to linger around. However, there will soon be other planes landing, hence it will be dangerous for everyone to stay here.”

Lucas motioned for the crowd to disperse and make their leave.

The passengers pushed their luggage away reluctantly.

Ashlyn pulled her own suitcase along and walked, with the departing crowd.

Suddenly, a big hand reached out and grabbed her arm, “Mrs. Nolan, may I know where you are headed to?”

“Excuse me, Lucas Nolan. I referred to myself as Mrs. Nolan on the plane to calm and comfort the passengers. Coincidentally, at that time, your chief stewardess was injured and couldn’t do anything. I simply didn’t want the cabin crew to panic and get out of control. After all, I don’t plan on dying just yet. Especially not while I’m still in the sky.”

Ashlyn looked up to see Lucas, who was holding his captain’s cap in his hand, peering down at her.

Their eyes met, and an icy gleam flashed in her eyes.

Lucas replied with annoyance, “Ashlyn, I’m just here to tell you that the title of Mrs. Nolan can only be used once.”

He had thought that Ashlyn had some form of sentimental nostalgia for that name, so he took the initiative during the flight to call her by that title.

As a result, this ungrateful woman had actually wounded him with her snide remarks.

Ashlyn coldly smiled, “Captain Nolan, I do intend to only do so once. This time, it was merely an accident. Don’t worry, I won’t cling to you.”

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