My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 54

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 54

Having said that, she turned and walked away.

Lucas stood there helplessly, as he watched her leave, closing his eyes in annoyance. Evidently, he had not intended to say such a thing upon chasing after her. However, when he heard her words of sarcasm, he could not control himself and blurted those hurtful words out instead.

After leaving Ashlyn, his temper had gotten worse.

He quickly took out his mood stabilizer medication from his pocket and popped two pills. If he allowed his temper to worsen, the consequences would be disastrous…

Several young stewardesses noticed the exchange and whispered amongst themselves. “Is Captain Nolan arguing with her?”

Jenny could not hide her glee. “I think that she is definitely not Mrs. Nolan. Why wouldn’t they walk together otherwise?”

“However, it was Captain Nolan himself who’d stated that she was Mrs. Nolan!”

“I guess that it was merely an act to calm the passengers down? After all, back then, our chief stewardess was injured, and the rest of us were terrified. No one stood up to take charge except for her.”

“I think that she is really cool! Although she appears young, she is full of courage!”

The few of them ignored Jenny and continued their lively chattering. “Also, when she’d saved that madam… Woah! I’d loved her look of pure confidence!”

“Yes, that’s agreed! She didn’t seem to panic at all from the beginning!”

“Truth be told, although I am also a girl, I am slightly attracted by her bravado.”

Jenny stared at them with a distorted look. “Can we all work together nicely? Don’t just ignore me.”

“Dorine, have you forgotten about the Armani lipstick that I’d given you?”

“And you Sterwina, what about the YSL cushion foundation that I’d gifted you?”

She almost screamed as she called them out, one by one.

Her expression was filled with jealousy and viciousness.

She was so jealous of Ashlyn that she felt like tearing her hair out.

“It was you who had said that these brands were not suited for you. You threw them at us like trash. I, for one, didn’t feel a single ounce of sincerity from your gifts.”

“Me neither. So, Jenny, we are your colleagues. Even though our families are not as rich as yours, we are not your servants and we have no obligation to serve you.”

Dorine and Sterwina retorted this softly, emptying the thoughts that they had long kept inside.

A mere mention of Ashlyn makes her mad. Now, these colleagues are doing the same.

Jenny was so angry, to the point where she felt like fainting. She vehemently walked away alone, pressing down her high heels as though the floor beneath her feet was Ashlyn’s face.


As Ashlyn emerged from the airport doors, there were already people waiting for her. Upon seeing her, they greeted her respectfully.


“Let’s return to the safe house.”

Ashlyn calmly gave the order.


Her car brought her to a luxurious manor in the span of half an hour.

The manor was extremely marvelous, surrounded by a garden of lavenders. Whenever a light breeze blew by, the air would be filled with a faint fragrance of the flowers.

Two rows of men in black lined the gate to the manor. Upon seeing the car rolling up and stopping at the gate of the main building, everyone immediately bowed in salutation and shouted, “Boss!”

As the car door opened, a beautiful, fair, and delicate hand appeared, followed by a pair of white flats that came into view. A pair of slender legs stepped out of the door, and a lady in a creamy purple dress emerged, before everyone.

The lady’s face was exquisite; her glittering eyes were calm like water, almost as if nothing in this world could disturb them.

“Well, come in.”

Ashlyn spoke and stepped into the living room with confident strides.

The inside of the manor was decorated luxuriously, filled with priceless ornaments.

Sitting down on a white, genuine leather sofa, Ashlyn waited, as a dozen henchmen lined up, standing in attention before her.

“Status update?”

“Boss! The Blackhand Mafia has tried to control our territory. They had deliberately set fire to our cargoes the night before!” A man in his thirties, Luigi, had been in charge of the Italian branch of the business all this while.

With eyes full of mockery, Ashlyn sneered, “So someone has the guts to insult me. Let’s make them pay the equivalent price. Grabbing my territory? Very well.”

“Boss, they are simply too arrogant! The other gangs have been swallowing their anger all this while. However, the Blackhand Mafia had kept up their turf-grabbing antics, causing so much havoc that even the Interpol in charge of this jurisdiction had to get involved. Hals and Dmitri have discussed this and have decided to settle things with a one-on-one boxing showdown.” Luigi anxiously informed.

Dmitri was a deputy in the Blackhand Mafia, who was managing their turf.

“They’ve decided to duke it out in the ring? What kind of a game is this?” Ashlyn took a sip of tea and narrowed her eyes dangerously.

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