My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 55

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 55

Luigi and the others were angry. “Boss, please! You must take this matter seriously! You can’t let our turf be snatched, under our very own noses!”

“I’m very serious.” Ashlyn blinked her clear, round eyes.

Luigi was about to collapse from desperation. You had always seemed to be vacationing! How was I able to trust you?

“Boss! Are you aware of it? Dmitri has employed a strong boxer under him. That man has dominated the boxing ring for two years. No one can defeat him. He is strong, well-built, and extremely muscular! Boss, there is no one who can really beat him. We have no chance of winning this time.”

“Agreed, boss! We have a lot of skilled fighters, but against this one-on-one boxing champion, we are simply outmatched.” The others echoed the same sentiment.

“Boss, why are you here alone this time? Where’s Harrison and Anderson?”

“Boss, please think of a way!”

Henchmen like Luigi were all formerly under the previous don. When the previous don had passed on his position over to Ashlyn, many of the mafia crews were left unconvinced.

Although the Shadow Way had always been an underground organization, it had never been involved in any illegal businesses. It had always followed the right path, unlike the other mafias, such as the Blackhand.

The old don took Ashlyn in as his adopted daughter. Before his death, everyone had thought that Luigi or some other veterans would succeed the don.

Unexpectedly, the position was instead passed on to Ashlyn, the inexperienced brat.

Ashlyn was only at the age of nineteen when she was chosen as the successor. How could one so young convince the mafia family and the underlings of one’s leadership?

However, after she took over, she managed the affairs of the family in an orderly manner. Gradually, all dissenting voices died down. After all, the family had prospered, and money had always bound everyone together. As long as there’s enough profit for everyone.

Now, they were faced with this kind of turf war.

Those who were dissatisfied with Ashlyn before were immediately enraged.

The seeds of doubt and distrust towards Ashlyn sprouted, and displeasure broke out almost instantly amongst the ranks.

The Shadow Way mafia had branches all over the world, and the Italian branch was placed under the command of Luigi.

Seeing Ashlyn’s apathetic attitude in this matter, their impatience soared.

Some had already broken their silence and muttered, “If you’re not going to care, then, you might as well leave it to someone else who is more capable.”

“After all, we’ve been treated like a small branch anyway, one that is incomparable to the main headquarters.”

“Our turf has been taken, and we’ve got to survive on leftover crumbs now.”

Ashlyn scanned the faces of desperation around her, as she gently lowered her cup in her hand, and commanded, “Send me the information on the boxing champion. Also, I’ve been flying the whole. I’m feeling tired now and I need a rest.”

Having said that, she got up and walked towards her room.

“Look at her attitude!”

“What was the don thinking? He’d actually passed the position over to her.”

“She’s merely a lady. What else can she do?”

“She can’t even handle anything properly. She is only aware of how to dress up nicely.”

Luigi looked on worriedly, stressed beyond comprehension as he felt his hair graying by the minutes. “Let it be. We’ll find our own way.”

They originally thought that the two siblings, Harrison and Anderson, would tag along. They, at least, would be more helpful.

Instead, Ashlyn personally arrived, and all of Luigi’s hopes were dashed.



In a certain quiet office.

Lucas sat, with a blank expression facing Sinclair, who was wearing a white coat. His expression was as per usual. It was cold as his icy, baritone voice spoke, “I want to request for an increase in the dosage or change to a more effective alternative.”

“What’s the matter?” Sinclair raised his eyebrows and gazed at his long-time friend.

Though Lucas’ face was expressionless, his emotions were slightly tense. It took him a while before he could reveal the truth, “I’m divorced.”

“Huh?” Sinclair could not control his astonishment. “Divorced? Why? Didn’t you tell me that your lives had been peaceful all this while? Why would you go for a divorce?”

“I… “ Lucas sighed.

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