My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 56

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 56

Stretching out his slender fingers, he furrowed his brows. He initially felt that since it was a loveless marriage, it would be better for them to move on to a different life.

What’s more, I’d gotten married in the first place because grandpa was impatient. However, he is now gone. Hence this farce of a marriage need not continue.


Everything had changed unexpectedly after the divorce.

He had grown accustomed to having Ashlyn by his side, adjusting his likes to the food that she had cooked.

As long as Ashlyn was around, he felt calm and peaceful.

After his divorce, his mania symptoms exacerbated, and years of symptom control through medication had failed. He had regressed back to his original state.

Upon listening to Lucas’ story, Sinclair solemnly announced, “Friend, you do have to understand that the reason that you’re suffering from mania is due to psychological reasons. Drugs and medication are simply the means to assist you, they are not means to an end. You really have to deeply consider this… Is your wife merely a partner you live with? Do you really have no other feelings for her?”

Sinclair paused before continuing, “Lucas, you are a smart man. You should understand what I mean.”

Lucas understood the logic. Yet, when he thought of Ashlyn’s cold attitude, he could not figure out what she was thinking.

Ashlyn’s temperament had always been unpredictable.

“During the four years of our marriage, she was gentle and friendly. She was almost the perfect wife material. After the divorce, I found out that she seemed to be hiding another side of her. It seems as though she was in a role-playing game. That was not the real her at all. I’d never known that she was a surgeon, much less her martial arts prowess.” Lucas felt helpless for the first time in his life.

“Lucas, you’d ignored her for too long. You never tried to approach or understand her. She could be concealing her real identity on purpose? This is an interesting perspective worth pondering on.” Sinclair rubbed his chin. “Unfortunately, I am not a relationship expert. I don’t know what is going on between you and her, as a pair of husband and wife.”

Lucas was slightly remorseful.

Indeed, he had never taken the initiative to understand Ashlyn. Neither had he tried to be involved in her world.

In the past, he had merely regarded her as a wife-by-contract, and both of them did not intrude into each other’s life much. Ashlyn had always been tactful, and she had hardly asked him for anything.

If he had given, she would gladly receive. If he hadn’t, she wouldn’t have asked for it.

They treated each another as though they were mere acquaintances.

They had never quarreled either. Looking back at it now, they were basically two strangers, living under one roof.

Except occasionally, when their bodies were in need of some physical connections…

Lucas sighed.

His mind was in a mess.

“Sinclair, right now I just want to know this. If my symptoms worsen, would it affect my flying? You should be aware that for someone who is mentally ill or psychologically unstable, you wouldn’t be able to pass the flight test. Instead, you will be forced to be grounded.” Sinclair prescribed him some medication and instructed, “Take these first. Although I can’t exactly say that I understand what your situation is, I’d still suggest that you reconsider your marriage carefully.”

When all was said and done, Lucas walked out of Sinclair’s office.

He drove to a less prosperous commercial boulevard, in search of a particular shop. Soon, he found it, as the shop was the only one on the secluded street.

Without hesitation, he pulled up beside the entrance, into this plush doll shop, which was about three hundred square meters in size.

The shop was full of colorful and cute plushies.

As he alighted the car, a burly man stopped him. “Mister, ticket please.”

Lucas took out a black card from his coat and placed it on the counter. “Swipe it.”

The fierce-looking man looked him up, from head-to-toe, swiped his card, handed him a ticket, before saying, “Go in and turn left at the end.”

Lucas did not say anything. He merely followed the man’s directions. He stepped through the hidden door located far inside the doll shop.

Upon entering the door, there was a narrow corridor.

There were dim, yellow lamps hanging along both sides of the corridor. When he turned at the corner, he could hear shouts of excitement and frenzy from below.

“Go! Go!”

“Beat him up!”

“I’ve bet two million on you! Get up now!”

“Damn! You are weak! Weak!”

The deafening shouts were endless, and the scene was violent and bloody.

He would have never set foot in here if it weren’t for the fact that he was feeling so vexed. He had needed a place to release his pent-up frustration.

He had not walked into an underground boxing ring for four years.

Hearing these bloodthirsty shouts had calmed his vexation slightly.

He wanted to let loose, to yell! He wanted to release his primal thirst just like the rest of them.

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