My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 58

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 58

The headquarter of the Shadow Way was said to be located in the H Nation. Most of its members arose from there as well.

“The new boss of Shadow Way doesn’t come by Italy much. From what I’ve heard, she is a lady! What can a woman do these days anyway!” The bartender smirked with arrogance.

His words were filled with disdain and contempt for women.

Lucas sat quietly in his seat, not saying a word. He was more interested in what was going on inside the ring.

“Gimme a beer!” a customer yelled.

“I’ll be right there!” The bartender hurriedly filled up a pint glass from the keg.

There was a big screen next to the ring. Right at this moment, a picture of Henry, the boxing champion, as well as his personal information suddenly appeared on the screen.

Henry – twenty-four years old. Height of 1.88 meters. Weight of 105 kilograms. His stats were amazing!

At the age of thirteen, he entered the boxing training camp conducted by the Blackhand Mafia. All the protegees trained in this camp were ruthless – The perfect killing machines without mercy or emotion; relentless fighters in the ring!

Henry had been competing in the ring since he was twenty years old and had gone through more than 500 bouts with a win rate of 97%.

In the past three years, he had remained undefeated.

Almost everyone in the arena was looking forward to the identity of the fighter chosen to represent Shadow Way.

Shadow Way may have had many skillful warriors, but there were none, who possessed the caliber and strength like Henry.

Meanwhile, in the Shadow Way private room on the second floor, Luigi was in a bind. His nervousness was felt by his anxious subordinates. “Luigi! The match will start soon! Let me be the challenger!”

“No, let me! I’m not afraid of death!”

“Forget it. None of you are as good as I am. I’ll personally handle this.” Luigi took off his coat and opened the room’s door.

A group of his subordinates shouted in unison, “No Luigi! You can’t!”

At this moment, an announcement rang out, “Now, we will like to invite our two fighters on stage!”

“If I don’t go now, we’ll have to forfeit,” Luigi angrily retorted. “That woman has no care for anyone, other than herself. How can I stand by and watch our turf get taken away right under my own nose? Without our territory, what will you all live off on?”

With a spirited roar, Luigi slammed the door and left!

He walked towards the arena. Every step he took felt like walking towards his doom. His trepidation drowned out the shouts and noise from the audience in the arena. With a steely determination to face his death today, he stared contemptuously at Henry, who was already standing on the stage.

Right away, the large screen on the other side of the ring displayed the picture and information of the Shadow Way fighter.

“Oh, my god! I must be dreaming!”

“What is going on?”

“Shadow Way must have gone all out and poured all their money into him!”

“My god! It’s none other than Kris!”

“I thought Kris disappeared? Someone had even told me that he was dead!”

“Maybe he’s an imposter?”

“Oh, my god. Kris was the famous uncrowned king of the ring. Henry had just debuted when Kris was already at the peak of his fame.”

“Woah! Kris is my idol! I still remember the impression he made on me back then!”

“I felt like crying! I never thought that I’d be able to see Kris again in this life!”

“Me too!”

A bolt of lightning had seemingly struck Luigi, out of nowhere. He was already standing at the bottom of the stage.

Kris? How could such a legend be helping their Shadow Way clan?

Am I dreaming? I must be! The spectators around him in the whole arena were going into a wild frenzy.

Everyone present was chanting Kris’ name, as though they were worshipping a god.

All of his hatred, anger, and contempt towards Ashlyn, had now been turned into doubt.

Could this have been Ashlyn’s arrangement from the very beginning? What is her relationship with Kris? No, it’s impossible! How would she have known Kris?

Kris is simply a god to all!

After recovering from their initial elation, as sudden realization set in, some of the members of the crowd began to wail, “Ahhhhhh! I’ve already placed all of my bets on Henry!”

“I have also bet it all on Henry.”

“What should I do? What should I do?”

“I don’t care anymore. I’m going to bet on Kris.”

“No don’t do that. Kris has disappeared from the scene for many years after all. Who knows if his strength has regressed?”

“Say no more! We don’t even know if he is the real one. Kris used to enter fights wearing a mask. I have never seen him take it off.”

“I feel as though this Kris is an imposter.”

“I feel the same. This must be some sort of a ploy.”

Lucas sat glued, on his seat at the bar, drinking all the commotion in while feeling somewhat surprised at the turn of events.

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