My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 59

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 59

Kris emerged suddenly, with no one knowing where ‘he’ came from. ‘He’ appeared all of a sudden, before disappearing into thin air in the next moment.

Staying at the underground boxing club for merely a year, ‘he’ had never lost a single fight. Although Henry was strong too, he had suffered a lot of defeats since his first debut.

He had only watched one of Kris’ competitions in the past. ‘He’ was simply a scrawny teenager, unable to take a single punch. He had never imagined the skinny teenager to have such a huge burst of energy.

‘He’ was unlike a muscular man like Henry.

Hence, Henry remembered Kris very vividly.

In fact, anyone who had seen Kris before would have had ‘him’ etched in their memory.

Kris had an extremely huge fanbase. ‘His’ fans were all very impressive, some of which included millionaires from all around the world.

Kris’ income was the highest amongst all the boxers, second to none! Even though ‘he’ only fought in the matches for a year, other boxers still could not surpass his income till now.




Everyone yelled Kris’ name loudly.

Even the esteemed guests in the second-floor VIP suite stepped out and stood by the railings at the corridor. To witness Kris in action, some even dashed to the bottom of the boxing ring. However, there were already no seats left as the place was overflowing with people.

Everyone howled and yelled like madmen.

They were like a pack of wild beasts, waiting for their king!

The king had returned!

Bang! With a loud sound, the door that linked the backstage to the boxing ring was thrown open.

The cheers in the venue died down into strange silence. Everyone’s gazes locked onto the door.

A lean and tall figure strode out slowly. With a mask on the person’s face, only a pair of dark eyes were revealed. The eyes were as sharp as an eagle’s. They were so cold that others had felt suffocated.

She wore a black costume, paired with a pair of black tactical boots. Her hair was tied into a high ponytail, revealing her slender and long neck that made her look like an elegant black swan.

This… This isn’t that teenage boy from years ago!

She’s obviously a woman!

“Oh my God, is my idol a woman?”

“No, she’s definitely not Kris.”

“She’s fake!”

“Yeah, get lost!”

“Don’t impersonate our idol!”

“You’re insulting Kris!”

“Get lost right away!”

The enraged audience started to curse at her frantically. A woman is standing on the boxing ring and impersonating Kris. What kind of joke is this?

When Lucas raised his head, his heart skipped a beat.

Damn it!

Is this woman crazy?

Why is she in the boxing ring?

Lucas was on the verge of a breakdown. What else do I not know about my ex-wife?

I’ve slept with her on the same bed for four years. Even if she’s wearing a mask, even if she has disintegrated into ashes, I can still recognize her.

Ashlyn! Is fighting at the underground boxing club your purpose of coming to Italy?

Does she know how dangerous this is? Does she even know who Henry is? Henry is the reigning boxing champion. He can send her flying, or even smash her skull in, with a single punch!

Lucas frantically made his way through the crowd and dashed towards the boxing ring rapidly.

The boxing venue was extremely crowded.

Many of Kris’ fans had rushed over, after hearing that Kris had re-emerged from ‘his’ disappearance. They swarmed into the boxing club like locusts.

Lucas made his way forward with much difficulty.

A lot of the audience complained in annoyance, “Why did I even come to this crowded place? She’s a fake!”

“Yeah, she’s a fake. I came here for nothing!”

The enraged audience yelled at Henry, “Kill her! Kill this woman!”

“She’s committed an unforgivable sin by impersonating my idol!”

“She deserves to die!”

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