My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 60

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 60

When Luigi and the rest saw Ashlyn standing on the boxing ring, they could not help but feel faint.

As Luigi was standing the closest to her, he yelled with all his might, “Come down now! Do you want to die?”

Doesn’t she know the consequences of this?

How can she impersonate Kris and lie?

Why did I get involved with such a foolish head of the sect?

In nicer terms, she’s sacrificing herself for the sect. However, to be brutally honest, she’s overestimating herself. She’s so crazy that she’s biting off more than she can chew!

“Come down quickly!” The other men started yelling too, feeling extremely flustered.

Although they did not like Ashlyn, they did not want to see her send herself to her death!

Ashlyn stood before Henry with her back straight. It seemed like everything beyond the boxing ring had nothing to do with her.

Regardless of the insults, commotion, and jeers, she stood there quietly like an oak tree—straight and emotionless.

Although she was skinny, her aura was very intimidating!

On the other hand, the audience in the crowded underground boxing club, who initially wanted to see Kris, now wished to see Henry beat the woman to death.

There were a lot of millionaires around the globe who could not make it in person to see Kris. Hence, when they heard that Kris had reappeared, they spent a lot of money to ask the underground boxing club for a live stream.

The boxing club started the live stream immediately.

Some of Kris’ biggest fans started to comment on the chat, “I think that she’s Kris. After all, Kris was very skinny back then. I’ve always suspected that he’s actually a woman.”

“But he’s too powerful. How can a woman be so strong?”

“I believe that she’s Kris!”

“No one has the guts to impersonate Kris! Don’t forget that Kris had fought at this boxing club four years ago. Do you think that the owner of the boxing club is so foolish as to let an impersonator up onto the ring?”

“Have some brains! She’s Kris!”

For such a phenomenal fight, the bets were not as low as tens of millions or even hundreds of millions.

Kris’ fans were distributed across the globe, with many of them being big-shots from various industries.

Their bets had started from a minimum of hundreds of millions.

Hence, at this moment, the bets were sky-rocketing. The numbers were so shockingly high that some could not even count them properly.

On the large LED screen beside the boxing ring, the amount of the total bet kept changing madly.

Although fights like these were bloody, they were shockingly profitable.

When the clock showed that it was already nine in the night, the audience erupted into cheers and both fighters started to move!

Like a beast, Henry pounced at Ashlyn.

When Lucas saw Henry aim his punch, he was on the verge of breaking down.

Gritting his teeth, he yelled, “No!”

He wanted to dash into the boxing ring, but it was already too late. Everything was too late! Ashlyn!


He wished for nothing more than to fly to the boxing ring right away. He was only a few meters away from the boxing ring, but the huge crowd had already blocked him from entering.

Pushing the bodies in the crowd away, he tried to find an opening. However, everyone was tightly packed together, unable to accommodate any gaps at all.

As light as a sparrow, the woman in the boxing ring moved agilely and swiftly.

Her aura changed drastically, making her seem like a cold, ruthless, sharp sword.

Just when everyone thought that she would be sent flying by Henry’s punch, she spun around, leaped into the air, and slammed her knee on Henry’s right cheek.

Henry staggered backward and spat out a mouthful of blood.

The blood had awoken Henry’s beastly instincts as he pounced at Ashlyn again.

The woman’s slender waist looked even thinner under the black costume. However, all of her attacks were charged with immense strength.

Suddenly, she bent down and weaved under Henry’s arm. Before he could react, she had already climbed onto his back and locked her arms tightly around his neck.

Yelling loudly, Henry tried to shake her off his back.

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