My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 61

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 61

Ashlyn landed on the ground gently before resuming the fight with Henry.

Henry launched a barrage of attacks at her, but none of them managed to reach her.

On the other hand, Ashlyn was left completely unscathed.

Like everyone in the audience, Henry thought that he could defeat this woman with a single punch.

Now, he had no choice but to admit that this woman was strong.

Extremely strong!

I must win! I cannot lose!

It’s too humiliating to lose to a woman.

He leaped into the air all of a sudden and gripped Ashlyn’s waist tightly, trying to slam her against the ground.

However, Ashlyn grabbed his neck calmly and domineeringly.

As if her hands were made of steel, she gripped his neck tightly, making him feel as though he was going to suffocate.

He widened his eyes in fear. Without any doubt, he knew that this woman would break his neck at any given moment.

His strong will to live made him howl like a despaired beast, as he mustered all of his strength to fling Ashlyn’s body away.

The woman’s thin body landed heavily on the boxing ring.

However, as if she could not feel any pain, she jumped into the air immediately. Her actions were extremely fluid and skilled, causing the audience to feel amazed.

They felt like they were watching a martial arts blockbuster!

Having broken free from her restraint, Henry panted heavily. Before he could react, the woman had already sent him flying with a kick.

The 1.88-meter tall man, who was like a 110-kilogram rock, was kicked off the boxing ring like a sack of corn. The crowd surrounding the boxing ring tried to dodge frantically, afraid that they would be hit.

Henry’s body flew in the air, following a trajectory before landing on the ground. He fainted on the spot, with blood dribbling out of his mouth uncontrollably.

The medical team rushed over instantly, helped him up, and started to treat him urgently.

Lucas’ eyes were locked onto that familiar, slender figure on the boxing ring.

His heart kept pounding rapidly, threatening to leap out of his chest.

If it were not because of his young age, he might have had a heart attack, dying on the spot.

Who are you, Ashlyn?

How many secrets do you have?

Why would you know how to fight in such a fatal manner?

Everyone erupted into thunderous cheers!

“Kris! Kris!”

“She’s really Kris. Oh my God!”

“She’s actually defeated Henry!”

“Did you see that? The way she kicked him off the boxing ring was so cool!”

“She’s so cool. I can’t take it. I’m going to cry! Her actions were so fluid, just like a female warrior in the movies.”

“I can’t believe that Kris is a woman. Indeed, my idol is the most unique!”

Many of Kris’ fans started bawling, while some even bowed at her in apology.

They were apologizing for doubting and misunderstanding her, and for being so blind that they could not recognize her.

On the other hand, the big-shots watching the live stream started to send money over frantically.

They knew that the money that they had sent would be distributed to their idol too.

Hence, they spent so much money as if their lives depended on it.

“If I can watch Kris fight again, I’ll have no regrets when I die!”

“Kris, I want to propose to you. Please accept my love!”

“I want to have a child with you.”

“Marry me, Kris!”

“Kris, accept my love! I have money and power. I’ll give you whatever you want, and I’ll protect you well.”

“Kris, can you take off your mask and let me see your face?”

The big-shots were going crazy.

They wished for nothing more than to abandon everything to rush over to meet Kris.

The LED screen beside the boxing ring kept displaying the rapidly changing comments in the chat box.

The judge had already declared that Kris had won.

Luigi, his subordinates, and the audience were stunned.

However, the reason why Luigi and his men were stunned was different from the audience.

Instead, they were wondering if the head of the sect would kill them, as they now had knowledge of such a huge secret.

The head of the sect is Kris, whom so many big-shots had admired?

Will she kill us and give us up as an offering?

I’m terrified…

When Ashlyn was about to leave the boxing ring, the door linking the boxing ring and the backstage was suddenly flung open!

A tall and handsome European man rushed out rapidly, stretching an arm out and pulling the thin woman into his arms.

Overcome with excitement, he yelled, “Kris!”

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