My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 63

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 63

“Yeah, my impression of Wilson is gone now! My idol, Kris, is even more powerful than him!”

“I bet that Wilson’s acting so deferentially because Kris has beaten him up before.”

“Haha! Oh, right. How much did you lose just now?”

“F***! I lost a lot because I didn’t believe that she was Kris.”

Suddenly, a burst of frantic laughter erupted in the crowd. “I’ve won the jackpot! I’d betted on Kris and won a hundred million! From now on, I can afford a house and a car. My wife and children can lead happy lives now!”

After laughing, the man started to bawl. In the direction of the meeting room Ashlyn was in, he fell onto his knees and kowtowed.

“Kris, thank you!”

Although some people were overjoyed, some were despairing. Around 90% of the audience had lost the bet.

On the other hand, the big-shots watching the live streams did not care if they had won or lost. All they cared about was whether their idol, Kris, was doing well!

Lucas wanted to know exactly how many secrets Ashlyn was hiding from him.

Why did she know how to fight so… deadly?

When she was fighting Henry, it was like she had changed completely—ruthless, fierce, and cold, like a lone wolf in the forest.

What has she experienced in her life to become like this?

He dared not imagine.

When he closed his eyes, the scene of Ashlyn risking her life and charging forward kept filling his mind.

His heart ached so badly that he could hardly breathe.

The gentle woman from the four years of his marriage seemed even more distant from him.

It was like she had only appeared in his dreams.

He was even doubting whether he had actually married Ashlyn.

Is the woman, who could not even open a bottle of water and needed my help to kill a chicken, the woman who defeated the reigning champion of the boxing club so easily?

Are they really the same person?

Isn’t she the gentle and cute woman who would welcome me home with a bright smile?

Isn’t she the best surgeon in First Hospital? Why can’t she remain a doctor? Why did she become Kris?

Why did she suddenly become an untamed lone wolf? Why…

A thousand unsolvable questions surfaced in Lucas’ mind.

He kept waiting outside the meeting room, wanting to seek the answers from Ashlyn herself.

After half an hour, a tall and slender woman stepped out of the meeting room, surrounded by a large crowd of people.

She was still wearing a mask, only revealing her scarlet lips and sharp, clear eyes that looked like a pristine lake.

“Stop right there.” Suddenly, a hoarse and familiar voice sounded from a corner.

Ashlyn looked over in surprise. She saw a tall, familiar figure standing in the shadows a short distance away from the meeting room.


Why is he here?

Did… he see everything that happened just now?

Why? We are already divorced.

For some reason, Ashlyn felt guilty, as if she had been caught doing something bad.

However, when she thought about it again, she realized that there was nothing for her to be scared of. He was just her ex-husband. She did not think that Lucas would be so blind that he would not recognize her. Hence, this man was probably there because he was prepared to confront her after recognizing who she was.

Smirking, her scarlet lips curved into a dazzling smile. “Mr. Nolan, what’s the matter?”

Although Lucas could not see her expression under her mask, he could not help but feel very frustrated. “Why are you here?”

“Oh, I’m here to steal territories! Well, as you’ve seen, I’ve succeeded,” replied Ashlyn nonchalantly, as if they were having a casual chat about something insignificant.

She did not look like she had just experienced a deadly battle.

“Do you know what you’re doing? If Henry managed to hurt you, have you ever thought that you might die?” Gazing at this indifferent woman, Lucas wanted to pull her into his arms and smack her butt, so that she could be taught a lesson.

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