My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 67

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 67

After hearing Ashlyn’s explanation, Lucas, who had just resumed his calm composure, felt slightly annoyed again.

At least I’m a tool, not just a useless man.

He was actually glad that she did not use another man as a tool.

“I’m sorry,” apologized Ashlyn sincerely. She suddenly felt that it was a bit despicable to exploit him just like that.

Jackson was part of the police, while she was a criminal.

How could she let Jackson see her?

She spread her arms out. “I don’t like to owe others favors, so I’ll agree to take your flight home tomorrow. How about that?”

This was to return Lucas’ favor to her.

Although Ashlyn said it in a very cold and straightforward manner, Lucas felt an inexplicable sense of emotions.

Lifting his lips up into a smile, his eyes could not help but light up at the thought of it. “Stay at my hotel tonight.”

“I already have a place.” Ashlyn frowned, thinking that he was pushing his luck.

“Then, I’ll treat your kiss earlier as your lingering love for me. You took the initiative to kiss me because you want to remarry,” whispered Lucas in a seductive voice as he raised his eyebrows and bent down closer to Ashlyn.

Ashlyn was speechless.

She had shot herself in the foot.

It was quite inappropriate to return to Luigi’s place as she had already bid them farewell.

Forget it, I’ll just stay at his hotel.

Lucas and the flight crew were staying at a five-star hotel near the airport.

South Star Airlines was famous for having good employee benefits. As Lucas did not want to downgrade himself, all crew members, regardless of which flight they were responsible for, stayed in five-star hotels.

Coincidentally, when Ashlyn wanted to book another room, the woman at the concierge told her with a sweet smile that there were no available rooms left.

But there are no events in Italy now. How can the hotel be fully booked?

Ashlyn felt slightly suspicious.

Lucas was helping Ashlyn pull her luggage. He pressed the lift button and chirped, “The service at this hotel is quite good. Hence, the rooms normally need to be reserved beforehand. If you’d tried to book a room on the spot, it would’ve been difficult to do so.”

“Oh, really?” Frowning, Ashlyn thought that something was amiss.

Lucas smirked, his pretty eyes filled with delight. As long as Ashlyn was by his side, he felt exceptionally at ease.

Both of them entered Lucas’ presidential suite directly. “My room is very big and has two bedrooms. Don’t worry, I won’t do anything to you.”

After placing the luggage at the side, he walked over to the bar table. “Do you want a drink?”

Ashlyn sat on the sofa in a daze. The presidential suite had a design identical to the Whitland Villa.

Even the furniture, the bar table, and the wine displayed on the shelves were the same.

She felt like she had returned to the ‘home’, in which she had spent four years with Lucas.

This made her feel uncomfortable.

Extremely uncomfortable.

She would be a fool if she still did not understand what had happened.

This five-star hotel was definitely owned by the Nolan Group. Just shooting a look at the staff, the president could prevent her from booking an available room.

This presidential suite was definitely Lucas’ personal suite. Normally, it would definitely not be occupied by any guests.

However, she could not understand why Lucas wanted to decorate it in the same way as his house.

Is he a pervert?

“Lucas, is it fun to lie to me?” Ashlyn took the glass of red wine that Lucas was passing to her, suddenly feeling slightly helpless.

Why have I never noticed that this man has so many tricks up his sleeve?

Oh, right. How is it possible for a man, who could become the president of a corporation, to be a naive person?

Naturally, he had his own tricks, which he had used on me.

“I wanted to ask you the exact same thing too. Is it fun to lie to me?” Lucas sat down beside her, knowing that she had already guessed why she could not book a hotel room.

He inspected her carefully with an unreadable gaze, his eyes filled with confusion. “What’s your relationship with Shadow Way? Why are you Kris?”

“Why did you go to the underground boxing club?” Instead of answering him, Ashlyn shot a question back.

“Don’t evade my question. Well, I was simply there just to watch. Can’t I do that?” Lucas crossed his legs elegantly, while his lean fingers held the wine glass and swayed it. “Ashlyn, how many secrets do you have? How many things do I not know about you?”

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