My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 68

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 68

“Lucas, we are already divorced. Stop being so curious about me. I have no obligation to answer your question.” Ashlyn finished her wine in a single gulp. Placing the glass down, she stood up and announced, “I’m going back to my room.”

The door to the other bedroom slammed shut.

Lucas frowned slightly, his expression unreadable.

After two minutes, he heard the sound of water flowing from the bedroom.

She was bathing.

When he imagined the image of her alluring body and fair skin, he found that he had become erect.

The sounds of the water flowing stopped after ten minutes.

However, Lucas felt extremely warm and his throat became parched.

Ashlyn’s influence on him was more significant and stronger than he had ever imagined.

He missed her deeply and urgently.

Taking a deep breath, he tossed his phone onto the sofa and decided to take a cold shower.

After bathing, Ashlyn felt a little hungry. She dried her hair and opened the door, preparing to find something to eat in the kitchen.

Suddenly, she heard a mobile phone ringing on the sofa.

When she walked over to take a look, she realized that it was from Lucas’ phone.

The screen showed an incoming call from Ms. Chapman.

She grabbed the phone and knocked on Lucas’ door. However, no one answered.

Listening carefully, she could hear the sound of water flowing and thought that Lucas was probably bathing.

Hence, she tossed the phone back onto the sofa and headed towards the kitchen.

There were a few eggs, some tomatoes, and a little bit of meat in the fridge. As they looked quite fresh, the staff must have just placed them in the fridge according to Lucas’ schedule.

The man was a picky eater. He would rather cook than eat Italian food.

However, his cooking was horrendous. Ashlyn did not know how he found the courage to swallow the food which he cooked.

It was actually quite amusing to think that a 1.85-meter tall man was still a picky eater.

The hotel staff in charge of preparing the food probably prepared simple ingredients, because they knew that Lucas only knew how to cook simple dishes.

Ashlyn took the meat from the fridge and began to cut them into thin slices. Then, she took out the spinach and tomatoes as well.

However, Lucas’ phone kept frantically ringing in the living room, showing no signs of stopping.

Ashlyn had no choice but to walk over again. Again, the screen showed an incoming call from Ms. Chapman.

Ms. Chapman is so persistent.

Holding the phone, she knocked on Lucas’ door. A masculine and hoarse voice sounded, “Come in.”

He’s done so soon?

Without thinking much about it, she pushed the door open to see Lucas wiping his hair. His upper body was naked, with only a white towel wrapped around his torso.

His sexy six-pack abs were as clearly defined as a bar of chocolate. A few drops of water dripped from his hair, flowing down his chest all the way to the towel around his waist.

Ashlyn could not help but feel her cheeks heat up. “Your phone keeps ringing. It’s so noisy.”

“Oh, I see. My hands are still wet, so you can help me accept the call first,” responded Lucas, holding a towel in his hands. His hair was wet and disheveled, but it did not affect his handsomeness at all. Instead, it caused him to look even wilder.

Spinning around quickly, Ashlyn accepted the call. “Hello?”

The other person was obviously stunned. Then, a cute-sounding, yet interrogative voice sounded, “Isn’t this Lucas’ phone?”

“Yeah. As he has just finished bathing, he can’t really pick up the call. I can help you pass the message to him,” replied Ashlyn calmly.

“Who are you?” asked Ms. Chapman again, sounding a bit unhappy. “Why are you together with Lucas?”

“Did you call just to ask these questions? Seems like you don’t have anything important to tell Mr. Nolan. I’ll hang up now.” Ashlyn hung up the call directly and tossed the phone over to Lucas.

“Ms. Chapman seems very upset about me answering the call.”

She was very irritated by Ms. Chapman, who kept interrogating her.

Before Lucas could respond, she continued, “I wanted to prepare two bowls of noodles. But I’ll only prepare one now.”

When she whirled around and left, she heard Lucas’ phone ring again.

A mocking smile appeared on her lips as she headed directly to the kitchen.

Lucas accepted the call impatiently. “Hello?”

When Hera heard his voice, she started to complain in a nasal tone, “Lucas, who’s that woman? She’s so fierce!”

“It’s none of your business. What’s the matter?” snapped Lucas coldly, with an emotionless expression on his face.

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