My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 69

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 69

Hera was stunned. It was already nighttime in Italy. What else could a man and woman do alone at night?

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. Didn’t Lucas get a divorce? Did his wife follow him to Italy? Or did Lucas take a liking to another woman behind her back?

After all, Lucas is handsome and wealthy. There are rumors everywhere, saying that he’s already married.

Hera had also requested a few times to meet the rumored Mrs. Nolan. However, Lucas had rejected all of her requests.

She became furious when she thought of it, and her tone sounded increasingly indignant, “Well, I saw on the news that you’d met a thunderstorm yesterday during your flight. I’m a bit worried about you.”

“I’m fine.” Lucas’ voice became gentler. “I’m still busy, so I’ll end the call now.”

“Wait, Lucas, don’t hang up yet! I have something to say,” uttered Hera quickly when she heard that he was going to end the call.

“Yes?” As Lucas was famished, he wanted to quickly look for Ashlyn to ask her to cook another bowl of noodles for him. He did not have the time to chat with Hera.

“Lucas, you’d promised me that you’ll get me Ms. Saunders’ number. I’m about to enter the piano competition. If I don’t get a good ranking, Grandpa will give up on me.” Hera’s pitiful-sounding voice was cute and soft.

She sounded like she would burst into tears if Lucas did not agree.

He replied, “Okay, I’ll do it when I get back. I’m hanging up now.”

After speaking, he hung up the call and walked towards the kitchen.

Glaring at her phone, Hera gritted her teeth in fury.

Lucas’ attitude was not like this earlier! Why is his change so drastic?

Previously, he’d even said that I was the girl whom he’d been searching for, for ten years. He promised that he’d stay by my side.

Why did he become so cold after a few days?

When Lucas met her, she thought that she was the luckiest girl in the world.

No woman could resist Lucas’ charisma.

That woman must have seduced Lucas.

Hera was so furious that she wanted to smash her phone into smithereens.

In the kitchen, Ashlyn fried the meat skillfully before plating it. Then, she started to boil the noodles.

Her actions were very fluid. She even managed to make cooking noodles look so elegant and pretty.

Standing at the entrance of the kitchen, Lucas gazed at Ashlyn’s slender back. She was wearing pink, cartoon pajamas, while her long, slightly damp hair was casually scattered across her shoulders.

Since a long time ago, he found it extremely enjoyable to watch Ashlyn cook.

Not only was she beautiful, but her food was extremely delicious too.

After their divorce, he had never seen her cook anymore.

He gazed at her with his dark eyes.

When Ashlyn spun around and saw Lucas’ lean figure, she rolled her eyes coldly and walked out with the noodles.

When the aroma of the noodles wafted into Lucas’ nose, he felt extremely hungry. His Adam’s apple bobbed as he stared at the bowl of noodles.

“Did you really not cook any for me?”

Lucas grabbed her arm.

“Mr. Nolan, I’m just your ex-wife.” Ashlyn chuckled and thought, Tell Mrs. Chapman to cook it for you.

“There’s nothing between us. She’s just my childhood playmate.” Lucas followed her out of the kitchen. “She saved my life when we were younger.”

Lucas had never explained anything to anyone. He did not know why he was explaining to Ashlyn who Hera was.

Ever since his divorce, he became increasingly strange.

Taking a bite of her noodles, Ashlyn could not help but think, How yummy!

Without lifting her head, she continued slurping her noodles. “Oh, your savior.”

“She just wanted me to help her. Because she saved my life when we were young, I can’t possibly refuse her,” explained Lucas. Indeed, he was becoming increasingly strange—he was explaining himself repeatedly, with even greater detail.

“Oh, no wonder you were so eager to divorce me. So there’s someone else waiting to take my place.” Ashlyn glanced at Lucas with a smile.

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