My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 70

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 70

Her lustrous lips appeared extremely moist and tempting.

Lucas felt that his throat was becoming drier. Taking a deep breath, he suppressed the heat rising from his lower body.

“No one is replacing you.”

“Do you think that you’re lying to a three-year-old child?” Ashlyn laughed coldly.

All men are the same! They always think the grass is greener on the other side when it comes to women. After looking at me for four years, it was time for him to change his woman into someone cute like Ms. Chapman.

Very well, then.

“She’s just a playmate.” Lucas raised an eyebrow and looked at Ashlyn carefully. “Are you feeling sour out of jealousy?”

“Well, I did add a little vinegar to my noodles.” Ashlyn pretended that she did not understand him. After stretching lazily, she took the bowls and washed them.

Looking at the clean kitchen, Lucas felt famished. “I’m really hungry.”

“Okay.” Ashlyn nodded. What’s that got to do with me?

“I was used as a tool at the airport,” continued Lucas.

Ashlyn spun around and looked at him calmly. “I already agreed to stay with you here.”

“I didn’t eat for lunch.” Lucas clutched his stomach, which was hurting.

Ashlyn knew very well how picky he was when it came to food. Hence, his stomach was always in a bad state.

Glancing at Ashlyn, Lucas walked to his luggage. He opened it, dug out a bottle of pills for gastric pain, and held it in his hands.

“Although I don’t have anything to eat, I have my pills.”

Ashlyn’s eyes shone with a cold glint. Whirling around, she slammed her bedroom door shut.

He’s trying to trick me again, right?

I’ll definitely not fall for it his time.

Lucas was at a loss for words.

In the past, he had a hot meal waiting for him when he returned home. Now, he seemed so pathetic and miserable in comparison.

When Ashlyn returned to her room, she took out her laptop immediately and started tracking.

The deadline of three days was about to arrive.

She needed to complete her mission on time.

Time ticked slowly and one hour passed. Unknowingly, two hours had passed.

It was already nighttime. A cool gust of wind blew across the dark sky, causing the thin curtains to flutter in the air.

Ashlyn sent the results of the investigation to Quiet Forest.

When she turned her laptop off, she heard a thud outside.

Frowning, Ashlyn opened the door secretly. However, she spotted a tall figure curled up into a ball on the carpet in front of the living room’s sofa.

Did the sound come from Lucas falling down from the sofa?

Ashlyn walked over suspiciously. She discovered that Lucas’ forehead was covered in sweat, while he clutched his stomach tightly with his hands.

The image of the normally cold and domineering man curled up in a ball on the carpet was inexplicably satisfying.

Ashlyn had to admit that she was not an extremely compassionate person. However, when she remembered that Lucas had never treated her poorly in their four years of marriage, she still helped him to the sofa and laid him down.

After pressing his stomach and taking his pulse, she determined that there was nothing serious with him.

He had just fainted because his hunger had triggered his gastric pain.

What a useless piece of trash! Can’t he cook some food for himself if I refused to cook for him?

Would he rather faint because of his hunger?

He’s such a picky eater that it’s so infuriating!

After washing her hands, Ashlyn went to the kitchen, prepared the ingredients, and started cooking the noodles.

After ten minutes, a piping hot bowl of spinach noodles was served. As he had gastric pain, he could only eat something light on the stomach. Hence, she did not include any meat in his noodles.

She walked to the sofa with the noodles, bent down, and patted Lucas’ face. “Wake up! Wake up!”

With his eyes still closed, Lucas did not respond.

Ashlyn started to pinch him. After all, he had to eat something.

Otherwise, his gastric pain would become more severe.

After a few minutes, Lucas opened his eyes slowly, his gaze meeting another pair of bright eyes. He moaned softly, “Mm—”

When he smelled the fragrance of food, his eyes lit up.

“Did you cook?”

Ashlyn kicked his leg. “Get up now and eat!”

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