My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 72

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 72

The Spirogyra hasn’t acted up in a whole year. So why did it suddenly awaken last night? And it was completely out of control too!

She recalled how she had been so eager last night, as well as all the embarrassing things that she had initiated, and she wanted nothing more than to disappear from the face of the earth. Ahhh! I’ll never live this down!

She yearned to rid of the Spirogyra from her body. However, it had been four years and she still hadn’t found a way to do so.

The only thing she could do was suppress and mitigate it.

She had honestly believed that she had successfully gotten control over it these past four years and that it wouldn’t awaken again.

Ashlyn buried her face in her hands.

Now that I’m divorced, how am I supposed to deal with it the next time it acts up?

No… Nothing has happened in the past year, so I’m sure everything will be okay going forward. Last night must’ve just been an anomaly.

Yes, that has to be it.

After spending some time convincing herself, Ashlyn then readied herself to get out of bed to wash up.

However, the moment she sat up, she was startled by a pair of eyes staring at her.

Lucas was already awake! He was lying on his side with his head propped against his left arm, and his deep-set eyes were focused on her.

“You’re awake?” Ashlyn tried hard to hide her awkwardness and made her face look as expressionless as possible.

Sleeping with the ex-husband sounded ridiculous, no matter how it was spun.

Lucas’ hair fell lazily into his eyes, and he squinted his eyes habitually. “We went at it for most of the night, Ashlyn. That’s some energy you have.”

Ashlyn’s face stiffened. The soreness in her body was nothing compared to how awkward things were right then.

If she had resolutely pushed him away, then Lucas absolutely wouldn’t have had the chance to try anything.

Yet, the curse was too strong and it had completely taken her over. What else could she have done?

The man absentmindedly took a lock of her hair and twirled it around his fingers. Then, he leaned in and buried his head in the crook of her neck. With a thick voice, he uttered, “You were so passionate last night.”

It had been quite a long time since he had experienced such an unbridled passion.

There was something about Ashlyn whenever she was in bed that had always mesmerized him, pulling him deeper and deeper.

While they were married, he had always loved her body. Even now, he still found himself addicted to it.

Ashlyn’s gaze flickered towards him as her expression remained blank.

The passionate one wasn’t me. It really wasn’t. It was the damn Spirogyra!

That’s right! I was under its control, so I have nothing to be self-conscious about!

Lucas shifted his body and rested his head on a pillow. His face looked like a carefully carved piece of artwork, as did the upper half of his body that was exposed and uncovered by the sheets. His limbs were carelessly spread out, taking up most of the bed.

Ashlyn wanted to at least try to keep her dignity intact. “I don’t remember anything, so I don’t understand a word that you’re saying.”

The sunlight was a little too strong, so Lucas got up and pulled the curtains shut.

He then walked back and rested his gaze on the woman still in bed.

Her lips were pursed tightly as if she was trying to push down her emotions. Oh? So she’s going to play dumb?

Lucas tilted his head slightly, and the sunlight that was peeking through the curtains shone right onto his head, giving him a halo effect.

Ashlyn didn’t have time to enjoy the man’s gorgeous looks. Though his figure — with his chiseled chest and six-pack abs — really was so good that it would cause women everywhere to swoon and faint. However, there were also visible marks on his body, scratches that she had left behind last night. As of right now, she couldn’t bear to look at them.

Because all of that only suggested one thing — that she was really very enthusiastic last night.

I thought that he had gastric pains! Yet he still had the strength to do all of that last night! Gastric pain my butt!

By the time Ashlyn got up and finished washing up, it was already around eleven in the morning.

She opened the fridge and saw that it had been restocked.

“I want to have a lamb shank with mashed potatoes, salmon with a red wine sauce, and some kind of salad…” listed Lucas as he walked over. He was only wearing a loose robe, so his chest peeked out from underneath every time he moved.

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