My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 73

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 73

Ashlyn’s hands stopped midway while putting on the apron. “Do you think that you’re at a restaurant?”

“Someone wanted to go again and again last night, so I need to replenish my energy. After all, I have a flight later at four,” announced Lucas very sincerely.

Ashlyn’s face blushed bright pink. As unabashed as she usually was, at the end of the day, she was still just a twenty-two-year-old girl.

She hurriedly averted her gaze and focused on the ingredients. It looked like Lucas had gotten someone to get everything that he needed. She pointed to a pot and huffed, “Go boil the potatoes.”

Previously, whenever Lucas had time, he would help out with the cooking too. So, he was familiar with handling tasks like these.

He strode over to the sink, washed the potatoes, and started peeling them.

Ashlyn stole a glance at him.

His side profile looked very alluring and would probably mesmerize anyone who looked at him for too long.

Even when he was just peeling potatoes, there was something graceful and artistic about his movements.

God really put in extra effort when making him.

Ashlyn allowed herself one last glance before starting to prepare the other ingredients.

An hour later, all of the dishes Lucas ordered were plated and placed on the dining table. He had also set the table without having to be asked.

They sat down across from each other.

There was a hint of a smile on Lucas’ face. He really enjoyed this kind of lifestyle.

Everything felt very warm and wholesome, and it was a feeling that only Ashlyn could give him.

He gracefully carved the meat off the lamb shank, then placed a chunk in his mouth. “It tastes good,” he admitted contently.

Ashlyn had actually cooked enough for four people. So when it didn’t look like Lucas was going to slow down anytime soon, she quickly spoke up.

“As a doctor, I should remind you that overeating is going to do even more damage to your stomach.”

“Are you concerned about me?” Lucas’ head was facing towards her, yet his gaze seemed to be unfocused.

Clearly he was full. But for some reason, he wanted to continue to eat.

Aren’t big shot presidents supposed to be fancy and elegant and only partake in fine dining with those tiny, tiny portions?

So why’s the one in front of me such a big eater? He’s nearly finished everything on the table by himself.

Serves him right for having stomach pains!

Ashlyn really had never seen him eat so much before. Not even while they were married.

“I’m a doctor. It’s part of my job,” retorted Ashlyn as she lowered her gaze and continued with her meal.

Lucas’ lips curled upwards. He still hadn’t gotten used to the idea of being divorced. It was likely the same way for Ashlyn, despite how aloof and distant she had been acting.

This thought made him feel quite happy.

The images from last night popped into his mind. The way they threw away their inhibitions, the way she moaned into his ear, the way her arms wrapped themselves around his neck…

Now that he had satisfied his physical hunger, he wanted nothing more than to satiate his ‘other’ hunger…

Lucas’ eyes lingered on Ashlyn’s flawless skin. The cute pajamas that she had been wearing last night had gotten shredded during the process, so at that moment, she was wearing a black nightgown. The contrast of the black against her skin only made her look even fairer, and all he could think about was running his fingers up and down her body.

Her bright dewy eyes were the worst of all. They looked emotionless most of the time, but whenever he locked eyes with them, the fire and urge in him would instantly be ignited.

Just like in this very second.

He stared at her like a predator stalking its prey, with passion and hunger dripping from his eyes.

Ashlyn astutely sensed the change in atmosphere and lifted her eyes. She was met with a pair of ravenous-looking eyes.

Having spent four years with him, she was naturally very familiar with that look in his eyes. Furrowing her brows slightly, she asked hesitantly, “Lucas?”

Suddenly, the man in front of her threw down his fork, went around the table, and picked her up bridal style.

He then strode over to the couch, threw her onto it, before soon pressing his body down onto hers.


Ashlyn wanted to get out from beneath him. Last night had been a mistake. She couldn’t allow this kind of thing to happen again and again.

They were divorced. People who were divorced needed to have a clean break instead of indulging in these boundary-blurring activities.

She tried to use her strength to fight back. She lifted her leg and tried to land a kick on the man’s back, but it was as if he had eyes behind the back of his head. He reached his hand out and wrapped it precisely around her calf.

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