My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 75

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 75

Ashlyn nodded, then watched as the man walked off.

There was still some time left before they could start boarding. She rubbed her temples helplessly.

Why couldn’t I have just resisted him?

She had to admit that Lucas was very good-looking, and he certainly knew what he was doing in bed.

However, she couldn’t very well turn into a puddle every time he touched her, now could she?

No! That’s too much!

I won’t allow him the chance again!

No, wait! We’re divorced! Why’s he even rolling around in the sack with me?

We might as well not have gotten divorced in the first place! It’s like I got demoted from wife to just friends with benefits!

Now it just feels like I’m on the losing end here.

Nancy and a few other stewardesses were walking past when they had caught sight of Ashlyn. They all stopped in their tracks in surprise.

However, they all did just survive a traumatic experience, and Ashlyn was Captain Nolan’s wife, so they decided to walk up and say hello.

Nancy was the first to give her a smile. “Mrs. Nolan, aren’t you going to stay in Italy for a few more days?”

“Are you doing better? Are you able to fly?” asked Ashlyn in return.

Nancy was someone who had classy and delicate features, the exact opposite of Ashlyn’s more sensual and bold beauty.

Even Nancy’s presence itself felt gentle.

“I’m feeling better after resting for a whole day. I did hit my head, but it’s all good now.” Nancy vividly remembered how Ashlyn had helped her. “Thank you for your assistance that day, Mrs. Nolan, or things would’ve become much more chaotic than they were.”

“That’s right. Mrs. Nolan even gave Nancy a quick check-up. Personally, I was too freaked out to do anything,” chimed another stewardess.

“You were so amazing that day, Mrs. Nolan. How were you not afraid or even nervous?”

“It was probably because of Lucas,” smiled Ashlyn.

“We need to go. We’ve got a meeting to get to!”

An irritated voice abruptly interrupted the conversation.

Nancy could immediately tell that it was Jenny who had interrupted her. She pushed her annoyance down and turned to Ashlyn. “Please excuse us, Mrs. Nolan. We need to get to our meeting. We’ll catch up with you again.”

Each time Ashlyn heard the word ‘Mrs. Nolan,’ her skin would crawl. So, she couldn’t stop herself from bringing it up. “Lucas prefers to not have everyone know about our relationship, so… if everyone could…”

“Captain Nolan has already informed us of this,” smiled Nancy. “We’ve also notified all the passengers on that flight. So don’t worry, everyone knows to keep the secret.”

“Mrs. Nolan, you and Captain Nolan look amazing together. Why are you keeping your relationship on the down-low?” asked one of the stewardesses.

“He probably just wants to protect me,” winked Ashlyn playfully. “You guys get it. He’s a walking chick magnet.”

The stewardesses all burst into giggles. They realized that Mrs. Nolan wasn’t only just pretty and kind-hearted, but rather, she also had a playful sense of humor.

When the stewardesses finally walked away, Ashlyn let out a sigh of relief and arranged her face back into her usual expressionless look.

Being playful and cute was not one of her strong suits.

However unbeknownst to them, a ‘Mrs. Nolan trend’ was sweeping across the country at that very moment.

As it turned out, Yakov had already excitedly uploaded the video of Ashlyn onto his social media.

He had more or less relocated to H Nation for a while now and was working as a freelance photographer. So, the moment he saw Ashlyn speak into the PA system, he couldn’t help but start filming it.

However, he still knew there would be privacy issues if he blatantly uploaded a video of someone else, so he was careful enough to blur out Ashlyn’s face.

The short clip started exactly when Ashlyn stepped in to take over Nancy’s Purser responsibilities, helping to calm the passengers down.

Her authoritative and steady voice could be heard very clearly.

“Good day, everyone. I am Ashlyn Berry, the wife of the captain of this flight. My husband, Captain Lucas Nolan, has undergone years of professional training. When I’d married him four years ago, he had just taken over South Star Airlines. In order to better expand the airlines, he went and got himself a pilot certification.”

“I’ve seen how much blood, sweat, and tears he’s put in, to get from a trainee to a co-pilot, and to the captain that he is today. I know very well how capable he is, so believe me when I say that you can put your trust in him. His wife is on this flight; he will do everything that he can to ensure his wife’s safety, as well as every one of yours. I know that he won’t let anyone of us down. He will land the plane safely.”

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