My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 76

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 76

People who watched the videos could only see a slender woman wearing a lilac-colored dress. But the presence the woman gave off was powerful and authoritative.

The short clip was quickly shared by countless people, and pretty soon, it racked up plenty of ‘likes’ too.

“Oh my gosh!”

“Mrs. Nolan is amazing!”

“So there really is a Mrs. Nolan. I kept wondering if Lucas Nolan’s marriage was just fake news.”

“Who knew that Mrs. Nolan would be so charismatic.”

“I know right? She’s totally won me over. Oh no, she makes me want to bat for the other team!”

“Think about it. The situation must have been terrifying at the time. The Purser was injured and the other cabin crew members were probably scared out of their wits, but Mrs. Nolan bravely stood up to take control of the scene.”

“The way she was able to calm everyone down was just brilliant.”

“Captain Nolan is one lucky man.”

“What I want to know is whether Mrs. Nolan is on all of Captain Nolan’s flights. If so, doesn’t that sound super romantic?”

The comments section under the video was blowing up, and social media users even managed to get ‘Mrs. Nolan soothes flight passengers’ to trend.

A certain online shopping website even released a “Mrs. Nolan’s lilac dress” which instantly became a best-seller, going out of stock not long after.

Even the white pumps Ashlyn was wearing at the time became must-have items.

There were also plenty of people who flocked to Lucas’ social media account, begging him for Ashlyn’s account handle.

“Does Mrs. Nolan not have a Twitter account?”

“Mr. Nolan. Captain Nolan. I promise I’ll only fly on your flights from now on. Please tell us what Mrs. Nolan’s account handle is!”

“Captain Nolan, do you know how cool your wife is?”

“Where can I get myself a Mrs. Nolan?”

Of course, there were also a bunch of Lucas’ admirers — mainly socialites and influencers — that veered in a vastly different direction.

Their comments were nothing but bitter and vicious.

“Ha! She looks like such a sl*t. Has Mr. Nolan gone blind?”

“I bet she’s a fraud.”

“That’s despicable. How dare she take on the Purser’s role? Surely that’s against some kind of law?”

“Exactly! I’m sure that what she’s doing is illegal! Both she and the Purser should be punished! Absolutely unprofessional!”

“Let’s not forget about the unprofessional cabin crew either. I wouldn’t want to be a passenger on any of their flights!”

“How can they let a non-crew member be in charge during such a crucial time? Just what is South Star Airlines playing at?”

“I bet this is all just to get attention!”

When Hera saw the trending topic, she immediately blew a gasket.

Now, she was increasingly certain that it was Lucas’ ex-wife who had answered the phone.

What the hell? They’re divorced and she still goes around calling herself ‘Mrs. Nolan’? How shameless can she be? The nerve of that woman!

Without even thinking, she went on to her alternate account and posted, “Mr. and Mrs. Nolan have supposedly gotten divorced, so it’s better not to waste any time shipping them together.”

She even went to Yakov’s social media and spammed the same comment under countless other comments. I refuse to let this shameless woman get away with this! How dare she still try to win brownie points by claiming that she’s Mrs. Nolan?

I won’t stand for it!

She then turned on her computer and sent out an email.

Not long after, she received a reply with just the word ‘OK.’

Mrs. Nolan my ass. Let’s see how long your smugness will last. I’m going to make you remember you’re nothing but an unwanted ex!

She stared coldly at the computer screen as a sneer played on her lips. Soon, the topic ‘Lucas Nolan is divorced’ became a trending topic, placing just below ‘Mrs. Nolan soothes flight passengers.’

It looked especially ironic for the two trending topics to be placed, one after the other.

The ‘Lucas Nolan is divorced’ topic was flooded with people yelling at Ashlyn.

“They’re divorced, yet she’s still using him to grab attention?”

“Still calling herself Mrs. Nolan? How ridiculous!”

“What kind of shameless woman is she? Give me back my Lucas Nolan!”

“Why on earth did Mr. Nolan marry such an attention-seeking woman in the first place?”

“I bet she did all that just so that she would become famous.”

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