My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 77

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 77

However, those that had seen the video clip of Ashlyn quickly emerged to defend her. “Mrs. Nolan is a ray of sunshine, and you’re all just jealous of her!”

“Stop spreading rumors! Mrs. Nolan was on Captain Nolan’s flight. They’re very much in love.”

“Besides, even if they were divorced, it’s not like any of you would stand a chance with Captain Nolan anyway.”

“Ha! I’m standing behind you, Mrs. Nolan!”

Then, there were also the requisite conspiracy theorists. “I bet that this was all just a marketing tactic by South Star Airlines; a publicity stunt to get people to notice them.”

“Marketing? Publicity stunt? Excuse me? It was a fact that the plane was met with ghastly weather. It was a fact that Captain Nolan did everything that he could to land the plane safely. It was a fact that the Purser was injured. Lastly, it was a fact that Mrs. Nolan soothed the passengers. So tell me, did South Star Airlines plan all of that, including the bad weather? Moreover, how stupid do you think the airline is, to risk hundreds of lives just for a publicity stunt?”

“I agree with the comment above! That was clearly an instinctual reaction on Mrs. Nolan’s part. No one knew that she was Mrs. Nolan prior to this. Not the passengers, and not the cabin crew. She was merely responding to the crisis on hand. Captain Nolan was amazingly skilled, and Mrs. Nolan was great under pressure.”

“Exactly! Both were amazing! Just think about it! If it weren’t for Captain Nolan’s above-average capabilities, then we wouldn’t be talking about him and Mrs. Nolan right now, but a freaking plane crash! A! Freaking! Plane! Crash! That would undeniably be a detrimental blow to South Star Airlines. So unless they’re both the biggest idiots in the world, do you think that either of them would even consider doing something like this just for a ‘publicity stunt’“?

In the meantime, in a small country in Eastern Europe.

A middle-aged man was leisurely sitting in front of a swimming pool in his luxury three-story mansion. He basked in the warm sunlight as he lazily swirled his glass of red wine.

Every now and then, he would take a sip of the wine while servants wandered around, tending to both the mansion and him.

Suddenly, a loud crash sounded from the entrance of the mansion.

The middle-aged man jumped up in fright. A few of the servants ran over to him, blabbering frantically in their native language.

“Go look!” ordered the man.

A young woman headed towards the door.

A group of uniformed police barged in, each holding a gun pointed straight at the man.

The man’s eyes flew wide open in alarm. I’ve already escaped all the way here. How could the police have found me?

No, no! That’s impossible!

However, as if right on cue, the policeman standing in the forefront whipped out an arrest warrant. “Nigel Bask, you’re under arrest for breaking H Nation’s laws. This includes a hit and run, owing farmers their salaries, and various counts of embezzlements. You will now be extradited back to H Nation. From now on, everything that you say can and will be used against you in the court of law.”

“No! You’ve got the wrong person! I didn’t do any of that!” yelled the man.

He had spent so much money to hire people to cover his tracks. He had also detoured through so many countries, finally ending up in this tiny, unknown country. How on earth did the police from H Nation even find him?

“Grab him!” The policeman put the warrant away while others walked up and cuffed Nigel.

Nigel’s face turned sheet-white. The glass in his hand crashed to the floor, smashing into smithereens.

There were no longer any traces of the relaxed expression that he had on earlier.

A few thousand miles away, a plane flew straight through the night. It was four o’clock in the morning when it had safely landed in Lake City International Airport in H Nation.

Ashlyn saw Jared’s car the moment she stepped off the plane, and she jumped in without any hesitation.

By the time Lucas ran out, he only managed to catch a glimpse of the Land Rover speeding off into the darkness.

The air was especially crisp that morning.

Jenny was scrolling through her social media when she walked up to Lucas.

She shoved her phone at him and huffed, “Captain Nolan, look!”

“What?” asked the man absentmindedly as he stared into the distance.

“It seems like Mrs. Nolan just wants to bring attention to herself.” Jenny couldn’t hide the smugness in her eyes. “I never would’ve guessed that Mrs. Nolan was such an attention-seeker.”

“Bring attention to herself?” Lucas finally shifted his icy gaze onto Jenny.

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