My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 78

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 78

Jenny was so excited that her fingers were trembling. He is looking at me, he is finally willing to take a good look at me. I wonder if my makeup is flawless today. I wonder…

When her thoughts were still running wild, she heard a calm man’s voice, “Who did you say pulled a publicity stunt?”

“Oh Captain Nolan, look over here,” Jenny, who was psyched out initially, immediately felt like a deflated balloon.

However, she still felt happy as long as she could speak with Lucas.

She directed her phone screen to Lucas, “It’s gone frenzy on the Internet. Mrs. Nolan’s video clip and another topic also went viral…”

Lucas’ expression changed. With his eyebrows squinted, he stared at the screen, checking out the top search on the Internet.

Jenny has been observing Lucas’ facial expression and was actually delighted that he was upset at Ashlyn. She could not wait for Lucas to blow a fuse at Ashlyn.

Feeling elated, she said, “Captain Nolan, that’s too much! How could Mrs. Nolan create such hype so easily without thinking it through? You need to teach her a lesson as she’s discrediting our Southern Star Airlines and affecting our reputation.”

Lucas’ squinted eyes became incisive suddenly and he started to get intimidating, “Do you know my wife personally? As a professional flight attendant, what were you doing when she was consoling the passenger?”

His cold words sent a shiver down Jenny’s spine and it was hard for her to bear his sarcasm and rebuke.

“Captain Nolan, what she did was clearly against the protocol as she wasn’t a member of the cabin crew. You’ll be punished for that.. us too…” Jenny’s eyes widened in disbelief.

How did it end up like this? Was he not upset with Ashlyn? Or was it because of what I said? If so, why me?

She could not contain her anger, “Captain Nolan, are you taking her side?”

“She saved more than a hundred lives,” Lucas smirked and walked away as he said, “It would truly be discrediting South Star Airlines if any punishment was imposed on her.”

Jenny was almost suffocated by her own rage. She quickly went after Lucas, “Captain Nolan, you’re covering up for her. The fact remains that she’s broken the rules!”

The man stopped and threw a terrifying glance as he said sternly, “I’m the president of South Star Airlines, and no one is allowed to question the decision I make.”

She looked intently at his icy cold gaze with tears streaming down her face, “Captain Nolan, I’m just trying to protect the good name of South Star Airlines.”

Lucas’ face turned ashen with rage, his aura was so strong that it became very disturbing. He paused and then questioned Jenny, “Who are you? Why are you doing this for South Star Airlines?”

Jenny stood in place as if there was a bucket of ice water pouring down from the top of her head. Emptiness seeped through her bones and coldness filled her soul.

Staring blankly at Lucas’ broad figure, she was completely taken aback by the question posed to her and did not know how to react.

In order to get transferred to Lucas’ team, she had invested quite a bit of resources and even used the power of her family name as a stepping stone.

She was born with a silver spoon but has since gone through many hardships to be near him. She had to wait on passengers and handle their challenging demands. She did all these for him.

How could he ask who I am? Does he not know me after being colleagues for such a long time?

Her tears could not stop rolling down her cheeks. There was no other channel for her to vent her tension and bitterness.

After hearing the entire conversation, Nancy beamed with joy as she looked at Jenny from afar.

This woman does not give up, does she? Everyone adores Ashlyn’s personality, talent, and beauty. She seems so perfect in every way.

Nancy had just called a classmate from First Hospital and the other party had talked about her injuries as well as how Ashlyn gave her first aid.

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