My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 8

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 8

No matter how simple it was, whether it was just pasta or pancakes, Lucas would always eat with gusto as long as Ashlyn made it.

Louis was gratified for the past few years. Since Lucas got married, his cold and irascible temper had become mellow, and he had become much gentler, especially when Ashlyn was with him.

Now that there were about to get a divorce, Louis was very reluctant to see it come to pass.

What would happen to Lucas’ stomach after the divorce?

Ashlyn moved very nimbly. She first put the cooked pancakes into the oven, then boiled water before she started cooking the noodles.

Her series of movements were as graceful and elegant as flowing water, as though she wasn’t making pasta but some artwork.

Lucas stood at the entrance of the kitchen, looking at the woman’s slender back. He didn’t know why, but he didn’t feel good when he thought that he would never see her cooking again.

Habit was a terrible thing.

As if she could sense his presence, Ashlyn looked back and flashed a sweet smile at him. “I’ll be done soon.”

Being a natural beauty she was, her smile when she looked back was all the more alluring.

Lucas’ Adam’s apple bobbed in his throat, his eyes turning dark. Seized with a sudden impulse, he walked up to her and hugged her gently from behind.

Feeling the man’s obvious changes, Ashlyn couldn’t help but roll her eyes at his restlessness.

But her tone was so gentle that one couldn’t hear anything unusual as she said, “The noodle is gonna get soggy. Go away!”

Putting the finished pasta on a plate, she went back to fetch the pancakes from the oven.

Lucas naturally and habitually carried out the pasta before turning around to take the plate of pancakes from her hands. “Be careful. It’s hot.”

Looking at this heartwarming scene, Louis lamented silently.

Why do they want to divorce when they obviously have such a good relationship? Isn’t it good to have children and let me take care of them?

It must be because they don’t have a baby that they’re getting a divorce.

“Louis, come join us,” Ashlyn invited him to join them at the table.

“I’ve already eaten, Mrs. Nolan,” Louis quickly said.

See, where can you find a woman as nice as Mrs. Nolan? She’s always polite to the servants.


This is such a waste. They shouldn’t get divorced.

Lucas had just taken a bite when the doorbell rang.

Louis got up to answer the door and upon seeing the visitor, he said with a straight face, “May I know who you are looking for?”

“Is Mr. Nolan in?” asked the woman in a light yellow dress.

Lucas came over to the door with a frown, giving the woman a once-over. “What are you doing here, Cindy?”

Cindy, a rising starlet, was a contracted artist under Nolan Entertainment, whose popularity soared after taking part in a romantic web drama.

Recently, she had gotten into a scandal with Lucas, stating that she was single-handedly made famous by him and that her resources were all given by him to support her as the number one celebrity of Nolan Entertainment.

Rumors had stated that she wanted to be a homewrecker, to take over Ashlyn’s place as the legitimate Mrs. Nolan.

Ashlyn sat unmoving as she continued eating.

“Mr. Nolan, it’s my birthday party next Saturday. It’s my first birthday party and I’m a bit nervous, so I’d like to invite you to attend. Is that okay?” Cindy stood at the door and took out an invitation card from her Ctene purse.

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