My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 80

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 80

“With regards to the news on your divorce, I reckon it was purposely revealed by somebody because there seems to be a pattern with all the Internet trolls and comments left by netizens,” Spencer reported what he has found out thus far. “I’ll follow up further on the details.”

The man gave a cold-eyed stare, “Report everything immediately and remove the divorce article. Don’t worry about the other one.”

Ashlyn has never appeared as Mrs. Nolan in public, who is behind all these that try to assassinate her character? Could it be an unethical tactic used by North Wind Airlines to attack South Star Airlines?

Whether they were targeting Ashlyn or South Star Airlines, he could not just sit back and watch the drama unfolds.

North Wind and South Star had always been rivals.

They originated from a single company thirty years ago, co-founded by Lucas’ maternal grandfather, Daniel Webber, and Philip Cartier.

Subsequently, the two men became archenemies because of one gorgeous lady. Thereafter, Philip withdrew from the partnership and founded his very own North Wind Airlines, and gradually developed it into the world’s second-largest airline.

The third-generation owner of North Wind Airlines was the twenty-eight years old Liam Cartier who was two years Lucas’ senior.

He was another influential figure in the industry, besides Lucas.

Lucas was cold and aloof whereas Liam was labeled as a playboy or womanizer. He was often seen with a model during the day and another celebrity or social media influencer at night.

He was no stranger among the city’s famous socialites too.

There would often be news about him in a yacht, at a turf club, or at a hot spring tour…

He was the complete opposite of the workaholic Lucas.

However, Liam was very capable when it comes to doing business. Although his private life was vibrant, he had never let it affect his work.

Liam had always schemed to bring South Star Airlines down in various ways. Lucas suspected it was no exception this time since an opportunity had presented itself. He speculated so and did not think that there could be other possibilities.

Coincidentally at that time, another trending topic most searched by the multitudes of netizens surfaced.

#Nigel Bask, Hit And Run Driver Owing Farmers’ Wages, Arrested

“This man’s behavior is simply outrageous. After hitting someone, he was afraid that the victim would sue him, so he reversed and crushed the victim to death. Initially, after the first hit, the victim was injured but very much alive.”

“This is so scary. He intentionally murdered an innocent person!”

“After the hit and run, he absconded with all the cash from his real estate company, causing many farmers’ wages to be in arrears.

“Pity the farmers for he has been in the run for more than half a year now.”

“Precisely! Did you watch the news? There was a video clip of his arrest which features the large bungalow he lives in and the dozens of servants at his place. Such a scumbag.”

“I’ve got insider news. Rumor has it that the police force commissioned Zero to track Nigel Bask down.”

“Zero? Isn’t he the legendary cyberstalker who caught a lot of top fugitives for politicians worldwide?”

“Oh my God! I heard that Zero’s commission costs a fortune.”

“Oh dear, I lost a hundred bucks the year before, I wonder if Zero could track it down for me.”

“Get lost right away!”

“Zero is my righteous hero, my idol! Salute!”

“Unfortunately, I don’t have the skills of a hacker.”

Lucas registered a social media account for himself after Ashlyn was featured all over the Internet. He was casually surfing through the popular tags online and reading all sorts of trolls.

Zero? It seems like he’s not been accepting any task for four years now. Why the sudden appearance? A few names emerged recently, like Kris, Zero…

Lucas had mixed emotions when he thought of Ashlyn in a fighting ring. He felt distressed, uncomfortable, and yet so proud of her.

For some reason, he felt overwhelmed by anxiety and this emotional turmoil had recurred in high frequency after the divorce.

“Do you think that Ashlyn can fight?”

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