My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 84

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 84

A classy white dress, silver high heels, and delicate makeup; Hera deliberately hired a professional stylist to add a tasteful touch to her look for a date with Lucas.

Hera was quite a looker but if one compared her with Ashlyn, the latter would always stand out more.

Many might consider Hera a beauty but to Lucas, she was only an average beauty.

He had seen many beautiful women, especially those working under Nolan Entertainment.

“Not anytime soon,” Lucas looked up and glanced at Hera.

There was disappointment in Hera’s eyes but she hid it very well and quickly acted casually, “I know you’re a busy man, I’ll let my mother know then.”

“Ring…ring!” Suddenly, Lucas’ phone rang and the screen showed an unfamiliar number.

Lucas accepted the call indifferently, “Hello?”

“Mr. Nolan, I’m Cindy. You promised to attend my birthday party this evening. Are you on your way?” A sweet voice sounded over the phone.

Lucas tried hard to recall, only to realize that he accepted an invitation from a random celebrity before his divorce in order to make Ashlyn jealous.

Unfortunately, Ashlyn did not bother and now he was tasting his own medicine.

The worst part was that he had to attend the party as he was a man of his own word.

The tough steak which he had only eaten a few bites now tasted completely tasteless for he had lost his appetite.

In addition, Hera’s perfume scent made him really uncomfortable.

“Send me the address and I’ll be on my way,” Lucas replied.

Cindy was over the moon when she heard Lucas’ response. Initially, she thought she was getting stood up.

Without any second thought, she said, “I’ll send you the location right away.”


After hanging up, he saw Hera’s worried eyes, “Lucas, are you leaving now?”

“I’m going to attend a friend’s birthday party, do you want to tag along?” Lucas stood up to grab his jacket and then realized that Hera was still eating, “Are you done?”

You’re already standing up and getting ready to leave. It’d be so embarrassing for me to say that I’m not finished with my dinner, right?

Thereafter, Hera stood up elegantly albeit feeling rather reluctant, “Can I? Will my presence at the party inconvenient you?”

“Not at all,” Lucas answered and then headed towards the exit in big steps.

Hera, who was wearing a pair of six-inch heels, had to trot all the way to catch up with Lucas’ fast pace.

He’s not quite a gentleman, is he?

Comparing with all of her ex-boyfriends, there was not a single one who did not revolve around her.

Hera was rather upset but she held it all in. She thought about his social status and wealth, which helped her to resist the urge of throwing a tantrum. I’m still in a better place than many others who’ll never ever have this chance to be around Lucas.

Cindy’s birthday party was held at a small opera house and the invited guests included her loyal fans as well as some close friends from the entertainment industry.

Compared to the top-notch birthday parties, hers was considerably small-scale.

Nonetheless, the place was cozily decorated and presented a warm atmosphere.

She had just risen to stardom recently so holding a small birthday party could show her popularity and yet not being too extravagant. After all, if she had chosen the stadium or a convention center as her party venue and only had a thousand turned up, she would make an ugly and embarrassing headline.

The opera house was perfect to house a thousand guests. To kill two birds with one stone, it also helped to create an illusion of a full-house and consequently generate good publicity for herself. Brilliant!

Cindy was sitting backstage, looking forward to Lucas’ arrival.

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