My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 88

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 88

His fans went into madness upon seeing his post.

Jared was tall and handsome. He was also a well-off man but he wasn’t arrogant and had a positive personality. The employees at Centennial Healthcare were also always talking about their company’s president, especially on his thoughtfulness towards them and also the great benefits he gave them.

That was why lots of employees had followed their president on Twitter.

When he posted the picture, both his fans and his employees went into a frenzy.

“My God! When did Mr. Quickton get a girlfriend?”

“Her side profile looks so pretty!”

“Ahhh! Lucas was my idol previously, but he’s a married man. But right when Jared became my idol, he got himself a girlfriend…”

“I feel like dying. Ahh! What the hell? Both of my idols are taken now!”

“Mr. Quickton, please post a photo of your girlfriend’s face.”

“Mr. Quickton, your girl’s so pretty. Are you announcing your relationship to the world?”

Ashlyn’s side profile was so beautiful that she topped the trending topics on Twitter.

#Is Mr. Quickton’s girlfriend or Mrs. Nolan prettier?

#Mr. Quickton’s girlfriend#

#Mesmerized by the side profile of Mr. Quickton’s girlfriend#

Meanwhile, at Whitland Villa, Lucas was dialing Ashlyn’s number nonstop. He had called her more than ten times but Ashlyn still stubbornly refused to answer.

It was as if she had disappeared from the surface of the Earth.

He tossed his phone away furiously.

In the midst of his anger, a notification of the trending topics of Twitter popped up on his screen.

The headline of it made him even more furious. “President of Centennial Healthcare, Jared Quickton, posted a photo of a beautiful woman’s side profile. The woman is suspected to be his girlfriend but Mr. Quickton has not confirmed it. Netizens are intrigued by the ambiguous relationship between them.”

Jared? Girlfriend?

Seized by an impulse, Lucas tapped into the page but he came close to exploding with rage.

Great side profile, my foot!

This is obviously Ashlyn! My ex-wife!

At the same time, another netizen’s post made it to the trending page.

#So Mr. Quickton lives at Bayview Villa#

Netizens started to make fun of it below the post.

“I bet he was so excited he forgot to remove his address.”

“Hahaha. It’s so rare that someone exposes their own address on Twitter!”

“Mr. Quickton rarely posts on social media. But when he does, he shocked everyone.”

“Mr. Quickton hasn’t posted anything in a year. This post can definitely last a year now.”

“Haha. I’ll stop now. I’m going to corner him at Bayview Villa.”

“I live at Bayview Villa too! Well… Near it anyway…”

“Ahhh!! I live at Bayview Villa. I’m going to go look for Mr. Quickton now!”

“Wow! Only the rich live in villas!”

Lucas’ eyes darkened as he stared at the address written below Jared’s post. You have time to be with him but can’t answer my call? And you’re alone in a room with another man!

His chest heaved with fury as irritation flooded his mind.

I’ll have to see for myself what this woman is up to at Bayview Villa.

Half an hour later.

A private helicopter circled above Bayview Villa. After three minutes, the helicopter finally landed on the rooftop of the high-rise apartment within Bayview Villa.

Bayview Villa had only one independent high-rise apartment. Apparently, the real estate developer believed in geomancy and had hired a geomancer to take a look at the place. The developer was advised to build an apartment with thirty-four stories. Why? The reason was simple. By doing that, the developer’s fortune would continue to favor him and his buildings would be the most outstanding ones.

The intrusion of the helicopter drew the attention of those working there. Dozens of security guards with batons rushed toward it immediately.

The bright red helicopter shined brightly like raging flames even in the darkness. Its propellers whirred continuously causing the wind to howl.

The wind was so strong the security guards could barely open their eyes. The leader of the guards held a flashlight in one hand and a baton in the other as he shouted, “Who are you?”

Then, he saw a tall figure step out of the helicopter and onto the airstair. The tall man asked with his deep voice, “Where does Jared live?”

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