My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 89

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 89

Late into the night, Ashlyn stretched and closed her notebook before keeping all the medical books she had been reading earlier.

She was about to head to her bedroom to sleep, but she realized that Jared had fallen asleep.

The man’s tall figure was all curled up in a ball on the rug with his head against the sofa. Although it was a weird position to sleep in, Jared seemed to be sleeping soundly. His breathing was even and he would sometimes grind his teeth in his sleep. Somehow, he looked like a husky that was guarding the doors.

Ashlyn crouched down and slapped Jared’s face a few times and said, “Wake up. Go sleep in your room.”

Jared opened his drowsy, drunken eyes and mumbled, “Mm…”

Ashlyn saw that he was staggering while he got up, so she quickly steadied him. Jared was dizzy from being drunk and couldn’t seem to steady himself. In the midst of it, they tugged and pulled on each other before finally falling on the sofa.

By the time Ashlyn came to her senses, she was already laying on Jared’s chest.

This bastard!

She quickly slapped Jared and ordered him, “Get up now! I shouldn’t have bothered with you.”

Right as Ashlyn finished her sentence, she felt the temperature in the room drop.

She had always been sensitive to her surroundings. Feeling confused, she looked up and immediately saw a man’s dark expression that almost blended into the night. His body exuded a murderous aura as if he might kill someone the next second.

He moved towards her in big strides.

Spencer, who was following behind him, was sweating buckets. I didn’t expect us to be catching his ex-wife in the act when I came out with Mr. Nolan in the middle of the night!

Ms. Berry is billing and cooing Jared in the middle of the night! And they were caught by Mr. Nolan!

Ashlyn’s icy cold eyes were laced with anger as she asked Lucas, “What are you doing at my home?”

Lucas was seething when he heard her mention the word ‘home’.

Home? This is your home?

So she had never seen Whitland Villa as her home. It’s only ‘home’ when Jared’s there!

Lucas took a big step toward her and grabbed her wrist, “You’re coming with me!”

However, Ashlyn yawned lazily as a response to Lucas’ assertive words.

She easily broke free from the man’s grip in the next second. Then, Ashlyn cocked her eyebrows and asked, “Lucas, you’re so forceful even though you trespassed a private property.”

She had already recovered from her shock and had so many questions about Lucas’ sudden appearance.

She was even more confused about his jealous tone.

Ever since their divorce, Ashlyn was having a harder and harder time understanding that man.

Spencer was dumbfounded.

Ms. Berry, can’t you tell that Mr. Nolan is jealous? Or that he’s angry? Can’t you see that’s why he’s in a rush to bring you home?

He wanted so badly to become Lucas’ interpreter and explain the latter’s actions to Ashlyn, but he didn’t have the guts to do so.

Spencer carefully sneaked a peek at Lucas but saw that there was only anger on Lucas’ face. There weren’t any other emotions.

You’re on your own, Ms. Berry!

It was already late at night so all the workers and maids were sleeping.

Jared was still on the sofa. Ashlyn got up and waved her hand at Lucas, who was standing in front of her. “Help me get him to his room.”

Lucas took the view of her in with his darkened eyes.

How dare she ask for my help to get this despicable man to his room? Is she telling me to watch her sleep in the same bed as him?

There were hints of irritation on his cold expression as he gritted his teeth and said, “You’re shameless, Ashlyn!”

Ashlyn was speechless.

How am I being shameless for asking him to help me get Jared back to his room? She was angry but found the situation ridiculous too.

Lucas got closer and hostility poured from him.

“You didn’t want Whitland Villa because you wanted to live with Jared? Is it that great to be his kept woman?”

Before Ashlyn could even react, she was already in Lucas’ arms. The next moment, she felt a twinge of pain on her lips.

The man had forcefully pressed his lips on hers and was sucking and biting on her lips in anger.

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