My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 91

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 91

Lucas is awake?

Ashlyn felt relieved and asked, “You’re awake?”

Lucas was pleased to see the woman with a flushed face in his arms. I wouldn’t be a man if I didn’t wake up with how she had been twisting her body earlier.

After two days of not sleeping, Lucas felt refreshed after sleeping for a few hours.

It feels kind of nice to be able to see her right when I open my eyes.

“Let go of me!” Ashlyn looked at Lucas with indifferent eyes. She twisted her body again and said with irritation in her voice, “My body is about to-”

Before she could finish, Lucas pressed his lips onto hers.

The temperature in the room started to rise.

When dawn broke, the Spirogyra in Ashlyn’s body was finally suppressed. She closed her eyes and lay lazily on the bed. Every part of her body was so sore, she felt like her bones had fallen apart.

The man had plenty of energy and it was a little unbearable for Ashlyn.

She also noticed that whenever the man is near her, the once quiet Spirogyra would start to go wild. It was as if he was a special drug and its effects kicked in whenever he got close.

It was tormenting. No matter how much she resisted, her body would always give in and allow the man to do whatever he wanted.

Damn it!

Lucas hugged the familiar woman in his arms as their breaths intertwined.

A thought came to mind and he wrapped his arm around the woman’s slender waist.

She had no way to resist him at all.

Ashlyn gritted her teeth and complained, “Hey ex-husband, you seem like you have endless energy.”

“Yet you’re still out there seducing other men.” Lucas’ eyes turned red as his dangerous scent domineered Ashlyn’s senses.

Ashlyn’s face was flushed red and charm flooded her eyes. “When did I seduce-”

There was a hint of a smile on Lucas’ lips. He tightened his grip around her waist and said, “You talk too much. Seems like I have to work harder.”

Ashlyn fought back and sat on his waist. She bit her lips and glared at him before she said, “Mr. Nolan, you better control yourself. It won’t do you any good if you empty yourself out.”

Lucas looked at the woman on top of him and replied with a smile, “I’m very healthy.”

She really has so many sides to her. She could be domineering or frosty. She can even be sexy and charming like how she is now…

No matter which side of her she showed, Lucas had a strong desire to explore more.

She was too mysterious and he couldn’t help but be mesmerized.

If only I knew she was like that, I wouldn’t have…

Lucas shook his head. What am I thinking?

We’re already divorced yet I can’t seem to leave this woman. I’m really becoming less and less like myself…

It must be the mania. Yes! That must be it!

The current situation didn’t allow Lucas to think about anything else as he had more important stuff to do.

I’m going to let her know how healthy am I!

I won’t be emptied out!

It was already broad daylight by the time Ashlyn woke up.

Lucas’s mania was somewhat relieved after last night’s pleasure.

He had woken up ten minutes before Ashlyn did. When Lucas sensed movement from the woman in his arms, satisfaction flowed in his eyes and he said, “You’re up?”

Ashlyn looked up at him.

She wasn’t in a great mood like him.

No one would be happy if the first thing they saw when they were awake was their ex-husband’s face.

Especially when she had slept with him with no restraint at all the previous night.

This is so awkward.

This damned Spirogyra! Why can’t you just spare me?

It was like that four years ago. Four years later after their divorce, the once quiet Spirogyra was still constantly restless due to Lucas.

Ashlyn was unable to describe her feelings.

I have to find out how to calm the Spirogyra.

This won’t do if it continues to be like that.

Or else what would be the point of our divorce?

I’ll have to say goodbye to my freedom if I stay by Lucas’ side.

I’ve already had enough of it after four years of a meaningless marriage.

“Excuse me. I have to perform surgery today. I need to go wash up,” Ashlyn said impatiently.

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