My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 92

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 92

Lucas felt slightly dejected once he detected the displeased look the woman had. Hence, he decided to obey her.

Ten minutes later, Lucas opened the door of the guest room.

At the same time, someone opened the door of the guest room next door.

Simultaneously, two men stepped out of their respective rooms.

“Isn’t that Lucas? What on earth is the most annoying guy on earth doing here?” Jared, who had a disheveled look, muttered to himself as he stared at Lucas in disbelief.

What the hell? Where the hell am I? Confusion was written all over his face once he detected the presence of Lucas.

He thought he must have had stepped out of the room at the worst possible timing. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have run into Lucas first thing in the morning.

Jared’s mind was all over the place. He lost himself in the process of thought for quite a few seconds before striding back to the guest room.


He closed the door immediately and surveyed the surroundings, affirming the fact he was still at home.

Does that mean I’m hallucinating?

Jared spent some time turning the idea repetitively in his mind. In the end, he pinched his thigh and felt a racking sensation.

It hurts!

Once again, he opened the door, grimacing. He was taken aback by the upcoming scene yet again because Lucas was right by Ashlyn’s side, making their way to the dining hall.

He decided to tail them and followed them all the way to the dining hall with his disheveled appearance. Jordan stared at the divorced husband and wife, who had taken their seats, dining elegantly together.

Although they were a compatible pair in terms of look, the fact that they were together was unusually odd.

“A-Ashlyn, w-what’s going on?” Jared’s jaw dropped open, asking, pointing at the man with an intimidating presence.

He dared not address her as he always had because he was afraid Lucas would notice their actual relationship.

Ashlyn took a mouthful of the freshly served eggs benedict, pouting her crimson lips, savoring the taste of the delicacy. She raised her head and took a peek at Jared, stating, “You should check your social media account, Mr. Quickton.”

My social media account?

Actually, Ashlyn had long given up on Jared, the unreliable teammate of hers.

She finally figured out the reason Lucas dropped by the moment she checked on Jared’s social media account.

I wonder what brings Mr. Nolan to Bayview Villa by air in the middle of the night?

#Lucas&Jared #Lucasisjealous #JaredIsTaken

The netizens had gone berserk since last night because the news regarding two domineering presidents, namely Lucas and Jared, went viral on social media.

Someone speculated Jared’s girlfriend was one of Lucas’ mistresses, whereas some of the netizens pondered the possibility of the trio engaging in a love triangle.

Some of them perceived Lucas had a thing for Jared. The former had rushed over to bring the latter back with him since he detected the presence of his so-called girlfriend.

What the hell?

Jared felt light-headed, having a hard time comprehending the messy situation he was involved in.

His heart skipped a beat the moment he saw the status he had updated regarding Ashlyn on his social media.

None of those mattered because the one that would put his life at stake was the address of Bayview Villa he had attached along with the status he had updated.

It was a miracle for him to make it out unscathed, going through his social media account in front of Ashlyn.

Jared was drenched in sweat because he accidentally picked on Ashlyn’s sore spot.

She had never been a fan of being in the limelight, but Jared exposed her in front of the netizens through his social media account.

He took a step back, assuring, “Boss, I-I’ll go get myself ready!”

Once Jared finished his sentence, he fled, rushing back to his room upstairs immediately.

As the twins walked down the stairs, Anderson and Harrison ran into Jared, who behaved as though he was running for his life.

“What are you doing, Jared?”

“Are you running for your life?”

Jared paid no heed to the twins’ queries. Instead, he sprinted all the way back to his room with his disheveled appearance, shutting the door tight the moment he reached his room.

The twins exchanged glances and thought Jared must have had offended Ashlyn once again.

They had come to a unanimous agreement. Therefore, they made their way down the stairs and headed towards the dining hall as usual.

“I-I’m not seeing things, right?”

“Hurry up! Pinch me in the face!”

The twins’ eyes were wide opened the moment they detected the presence of those in the dining hall.

What the hell? Isn’t this Lucas? What the hell is he doing in our place? Is he here for breakfast?

“Yes?” Ashlyn’s raised an eyebrow, asking.

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