My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 93

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 93

“Erm…” The twins exchanged glances once again before returning to their usual seats. Once they had their servings of eggs benedict, they finally returned to their senses.

They noticed they had missed out a lot over the night and figured out Lucas might have had spent the night at their place.

Did the boss have a raunchy night with him? Oh, God!

The twins couldn’t help but allow their imaginations to run wild.

How did Lucas manage to find out our base of operation? The boss would always conceal her whereabouts by hacking the Traffic Bureau’s archive.

The boss would never expose herself, right? If that’s the case, it must have been Jared’s doing! Ha! No wonder that brat behaved as though he was running for his life back then!

The twins’ eyes gleamed excitedly as they gloated over Jared’s misfortune.

On the other hand, Spencer who had spent the night on the couch was roused from sleep the moment he detected the scent of the breakfast served.

Once he woke up, a maid brought him a set of disposable bathroom amenities. “Thank you,” Spencer expressed his gratitude immediately.

“You’re welcome, Sir. It’s part of our duty.” The maid replied respectfully before taking her leave.

Once he carried out his morning routine, Spencer joined them and took his seat at the dining table.

Immediately, the observant man detected an odd ambiance in the dining hall because he thought Lucas had been cuckolded by Ashlyn.

I can’t believe it! She’s actually staying in the same place as Jared and the twins! Ms. Berry is such a capable woman. I wonder how she manages to balance her relationship with these men. Do they not pick on one another due to jealousy?

Spencer took a peek at Lucas and detected the grim expression the handsome man had. He would cast a stern gaze at the twins occasionally, in an attempt to get them out of his sight.

Seriously? Two more showed up once Jared leave?

Initially, the currently irritated man was overjoyed, but he could barely contain his irritation once the twins showed up in the dining hall.

“A-Ashlyn… We have to make a trip elsewhere today…” Anderson wiped his mouth clean once he finished his meal.

“He’s right! We have to deal with the issue that has arisen yesterday.” Harrison played along with his brother.

“If that’s the case, both of you should get going immediately. Please be mindful and take good care of yourselves,” Ashlyn took a sip of the fruit juice served and urged.

The forces from the Middle East were trying to get in their way regarding the rights over the mine in Africa.

Therefore, she had put the twins in charge to deal with them accordingly.

On another note, the woman had a pink chiffon dress on which complemented her petite figure perfectly. Her porcelain-like skin was exposed as it was merely a knee-length dress.

She didn’t have any earrings on because she would have to carry out the surgery soon, but she had a relatively simple and elegant diamond necklace on her neck that complemented her slender neck.

Lucas, who was by Ashlyn’s side, could barely hold back his urge because he detected the faint fragrance coming from her occasionally.

Immediately, he put the utensils he had aside and slid his hand underneath the table in the direction of Ashlyn’s hand.

Ashlyn was taken aback by the man’s action as his gigantic and warm palm grabbed hers firmly.

She tried to retaliate against the man, but her effort was to no avail.

In return, she smirked in an attempt to step on Lucas’ foot underneath the dining table with her high heels.

Nevertheless, Lucas behaved as though he couldn’t feel it at all.

On the contrary, Anderson groaned in pain, glaring at Harrison, “Ouch! Why are you stepping on my foot?”

“I didn’t!” Harrison was confused upon hearing his twin brother’s words.

Ashlyn was rendered speechless by the twins’ conversation because she realized she had taken things out on the wrong person.

Meanwhile, Lucas grinned viciously before setting the woman’s hand free, asking, “Are you happy now?”

Ashlyn fell silent for quite some time before replying, “Well… It feels kinda great…”

After all, she wasn’t the one who felt the racking pain.

Lucas served her a piece of croissant, asserting, “Isn’t this one of your favorites back in my place?”

Ashlyn moved the croissant back to Lucas’ plate, stating, “Please suit yourself instead because it’s not my favorite anymore.”

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