My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 95

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 95

Ashlyn behaved as though she couldn’t be bothered by their identity at all. Therefore, Hera’s mother, who enjoyed being flattered by others, couldn’t get used to it.

“Perhaps that’s how a famous doctor behaves,” Hera’s father replied.

By then, the surgery commenced once Ashlyn had everything she needed in store ready.

Those from the Chaplin family gathered outside of the operating theater, including Hera.

She had the latest designer’s items on, including the dress as a matching handbag she carried along with her. Hera approached her mother, asking, “How’s Grandpa?”

“Don’t worry. The famous doctor, Ashlyn is carrying out the surgery as we speak. I’m sure everything will be fine.” Hera’s mother held on to her hand, promising. “It’s such a hot day. You must be tired, right?”

“I’m fine, mom.” Hera took a seat by her mother’s side.

Hera’s mother whispered, “Is Lucas aware that your grandfather is in such a major surgery?”

Hera shook her head, but she reached for her phone and promised her mother she would get in touch with him because she didn’t want to embarrass her in front of others. She behaved as though Lucas would definitely fall for her and asserted, “I’ll give him a call immediately.”

All of a sudden, Hera’s mother got full of herself, instructing as she tapped on her hand, “Go ahead.”

Hera excused herself and made her way over to the fire escape before calling Lucas.

Once the call got through, she put on a pitiable front, sniffling, “Lucas, my grandfather is in the middle of surgery. Can you please join me at the hospital and keep me company? I’m afraid…”

The man’s indifferent voice could be heard coming from the other end of the call, asking, “Where are you?”

Hera beamed once she hung up the call. The pitiable front was merely an act.

She didn’t return to the operating theater to join her family. Instead, she stood in front of the elevator, in anticipation of Lucas’ arrival.

Twenty minutes later, a man with a black coat walked out of the elevator.

Lucas received Hera’s call once he reached home and got changed.

Since he was notified of Mr. Chapman’s condition, he would have to drop by and pay him a visit out of courtesy.

He chose to show up in the hospital because he had to put on a show since they had been family friends all along.

Hera’s eyes gleamed the moment Lucas showed up. She rushed over to welcome him, greeting, “Lucas! You’re finally here!”

The man had a great build, slender pair of legs, and broad shoulders. As usual, the outfits he had showed off his qualities, contributing to his ethereal appearance, charming his fangirls.

“Has the operation begun?” The handsome man asked in a callous tone.

“It has been an hour since the operation begins.” Hera’s eyes brimmed with tears all of a sudden. She put on a pitiable front, crying, “I’m afraid things may not turn out well in the end… I’m terrified, Lucas…”

“Don’t worry.” Lucas lowered his gaze, in an attempt to comfort the woman.

In the middle of their conversation, they had reached the operating theater.

Everyone looked at Hera in an entirely different manner because they were shocked the moment they detected Lucas’ presence.

Am I seeing what I’m seeing? I can’t believe Lucas actually shows up in the hospital because of someone like Hera!

Everyone from the Chapman family couldn’t help but doubt the authenticity of the news that went viral on social media.

Does that mean Hera is someone else’s mistress?

Actually, Hera was annoyed since the news had gone viral online. She had become the target of the netizens’ witch-hunt session. However, she had to keep a low profile because she couldn’t do anything about it either.

Those from the Chapman family had been keeping Mr. Chapman in the dark because they were afraid he would be adversely impacted by the news.

Since Mr. Chapman wasn’t aware of the news, no one had the guts to confront Hera either. In fact, none of them were in the position to confront her.

Hera couldn’t hold back her joy anymore once Lucas had shown up at her request.

Those from the Chapman family took over the basket of fruits Spencer brought along with him immediately.

Hera’s father held on to Lucas’ hand firmly in an attempt to improve his relationship with such a renowned man.

He would never allow such a great opportunity to slip by his side.

However, Lucas had no intention to entertain the middle-aged man’s dull conversation. He tried to brush him off and ignored the man’s query at times.

In the blink of an eye, three hours had passed.

Finally, someone opened the door of the operating theater from within.

The first person who showed up was a young woman. The diamond necklace she had on her slender neck could be seen as she had her hair tied up. “Bring the patient to the Intensive Care Unit for the time being. Keep an eye on him for the upcoming three days.”

A nurse took note of the woman’s instruction and worked on it immediately.

On the other hand, Lucas was shocked the moment he saw Ashlyn because he wasn’t aware Ashlyn was Mr. Chapman’s attending physician.

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