My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 96

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 96

Ashlyn walked past the crowd and detected the presence of a handsome and tall figure since he would steal the limelight no matter where he was due to the intimidating aura and great features he had been blessed with.

Nevertheless, Ashlyn would never expect to run into Lucas in such a place.

She thought about the news regarding him that was circulating on social media and took a peek at the innocent-looking woman who was by the man’s side.

The woman seemed to be one of the mistresses the netizens were talking about lately. Hera? Does that mean Mr. Chapman is Hera’s grandfather? Unbelievable. The world is such a small place.

Actually, it makes sense for an exceptional man such as Lucas to get married to the heiress of an influential family since it’s going to be beneficial to him.

Ashlyn tried her best to suppress her emotion because she was slowly engulfed by an odd sensation.

Once Ashlyn removed her pair of gloves, she heard Hera’s mother asking arrogantly, “Dr. Berry, how is my father doing?”

She paid no heed to the query of Hera’s mother. Instead, she walked past her right away because she had always ignored the family members of the patients of sorts should they try to get full of themselves in front of her.

Dr. Hendrickson got in the way of Hera’s father and asserted, “Everything is fine with the surgery, but it took us quite a bit of time because we had to bypass a few arteries. The nurse will brief you about the things to take note of soon.”

“Who the hell does she think she is? It’s merely a question. Is it necessary for her to behave in such an arrogant manner? How could she ignore me?” Hera’s mother glared at Ashlyn, cussing.

“I’m so sorry, but Dr. Berry has always been such an arrogant person. If it weren’t because of the director’s request, perhaps she wouldn’t agree to be Mr. Chapman’s attending physician,” Dr. Hendrickson replied nonchalantly, explaining the truth.

Hera’s mother was still glaring at Ashlyn’s departing figure, yelling, “She should stop getting full of herself because she’s but a doctor who’s poorly paid no matter how hard she works!”

Suddenly, a tall and intimidating figure showed up in front of Hera’s mother. She was taken aback by the man’s presence. Once she raised her head, she came across the man’s stern gaze. The man stared at her in the eyes as though he could devour her soul through his penetrating gaze.

Hera’s mother’s heart pounded furiously as beads of sweat streamed down her forehead. She was horrified because she thought she had been targeted by a demon. In the end, she asked, stuttering, “Y-Yes, Lucas?”

“Mrs. Chapman, if that’s the case, why don’t you carry out the surgery for your father-in-law on your own? Isn’t it just a piece of cake for you?” Lucas turned around and left once he finished his sarcastic remark.

Hera’s mother’s legs turned to jelly once the man departed. She held on to the wall to support herself as she tried to catch her breath and figure out the meaning behind his words.

Immediately, Hera rushed over to her mother’s side and supported her, asking gently, “Mom, why have you gotten worked up over a doctor? You could have just ignored her.”

She stared at Lucas’ handsome figure as he departed and recalled the man’s domineering reaction. Although she was intimidated by the man’s action as well, she couldn’t help adoring him due to his attractive look.

Hera brought her mother over to the bench in the corridor and told her to take a seat. Once her mother settled down, Hera went after Lucas immediately.

In the meantime, Ashlyn was worn out after three consecutive hours of surgery she was in. She had to be focusing intently and ensuring everything went well with the surgery the whole time.

Since she wasn’t a robot, she couldn’t possibly stay focus for three consecutive hours without feeling worn out.

Apart from that, she didn’t get to rest last night. In fact, she was forced to participate in a raunchy activity with Lucas in the middle of the night.

The moment she thought of Lucas, she would get extremely irritated.

She heaved a long sigh of despair and served herself a glass of water. Once she finished the glass of water, she leaned against her chair in anticipation of a short break.

Unfortunately, a familiar figure showed up in her office as a man barged into her office brutally.

Ashlyn opened her eyes and looked at Lucas helplessly.

Can he get out of my sight? What the hell does he want?

Lucas stood in front of Ashlyn and looked down at her, but Ashlyn pretended she wasn’t aware of the man’s presence, lowering her head and enjoying her glass of water.

Suddenly, the man leaned over. His hands reached out for her face.

Ashlyn frowned because the man ran his slender fingers through her hair and tucked some of her hair behind her ears naturally when he saw that they were about to fall into her glass of drink.

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