My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 97

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 97

Lucas moved his hand away from Ashlyn once he was done, but he had his eyes glued to her, behaving as if he couldn’t bear to leave her out of his sight.

He sized every inch of the woman up, enjoying her presence and every single micro-expressions produced by the woman.

Ashlyn wanted Lucas to stay away from him. Hence, she tied up her hair immediately to prevent the man from taking advantage of her once again.

Lucas’ attractive voice echoed throughout her office as he broke the silence, explaining himself, “There’s nothing going on between us. We’re merely childhood friends.”

Ashlyn frowned in confusion because she couldn’t grasp the situation nor the meaning behind the man’s words.

She gave it a thought for a few seconds. In the end, she cast a skeptical gaze at the man.

“I’m talking about Hera,” Lucas explained himself once again due to the confused look the woman had on her face.

“Oh… Okay… What does your relationship with her have to do with me?” Ashlyn stared at the man in the eyes, asking because she still couldn’t fathom the idea behind the man’s words. In the end, she tried to chase Lucas out of her office, stating, “Can you please leave me alone? I’m really exhausted and wish to take a break.”

Ashlyn had renovated her office and segregated an individual room specifically for the purpose of resting.

She went towards the room once she finished her sentence, behaving as though she couldn’t be bothered by Lucas’ presence anymore.

By the time she finished her sentence, the man’s expression turned gloomy, and the temperature in the room seemed to fall.

It was evident the man was unhappy with Ashlyn’s behavior because things were just fine between them when they enjoyed breakfast together in the morning.

In fact, he enjoyed their interaction as he got to drop her off at her workplace in a manner similar to how things used to be back in the days. However, Ashlyn paid no heed to the details at all.

Silence fell in Ashlyn’s office all of a sudden.

The door of the segregated space was about to close, but a gigantic palm stopped it abruptly in the nick of time as Lucas forced his way into the confined space.

Lucas couldn’t figure out the rationale behind his action either, but he had only one thing in mind.

He wanted to turn Ashlyn back to the gentle and lovable woman she used to be because he disliked the indifferent Ashlyn in front of him.

Ashlyn’s eyes glinted wrathfully. If it weren’t because of Spirogyra, she would have long severed ties with Lucas.

She took a deep breath, and in a callous tone with an indifferent look, she warned, “Mr. Nolan, I need to rest because I’m exhausted!”

“If that’s the case, I’ll keep you company.” Lucas lifted Ashlyn up. She retaliated by attempting to break free. Once she raised her head, she saw the man’s cold look.

However, the intimidating aura emitted by the man could barely work against her.

“That won’t be necessary because I have never once enjoyed your presence,” Ashlyn replied in a serious tone.

Immediately, Lucas lowered his head and placed his frigid lips against Ashlyn’s plump lips, asking, “Are you sure?”

The man’s hoarse voice could be heard as he placed his lips against her lips, asking alluringly, “Are you sure you don’t want me to keep you company?”

Ashlyn’s pupil constricted as soon as she detected the man’s frigid lips on her lips.

Her clear eyes glinted stubbornly as a sign of retaliation although she was fighting back the urge to return the favor.

Nevertheless, she was determined to resist the urge Spirogyra had caused her. She wanted to keep the curse in check.

She avoided Lucas’ passionate gaze, placing her palms in front of the man’s chest in a final attempt to chase him away, “Lucas, I hope we can stay out of each other’s lives. I want to live a peaceful life from now onwards.”

In return, Lucas stared at Ashlyn in the eyes, devouring every inch of her with his eyes.

Ashlyn stared at Lucas indifferently, but she was on the verge of losing control over her lust once again as her body reacted intensely.

The man cast a stern gaze that would make an ordinary person shudder. However, there was a hint of affection hidden behind the stern gaze.

“Are you going to leave or not?” Eventually, Ashlyn got impatient as time went by.

She had good combat skills, but she could never outmatch Lucas so long as she couldn’t get rid of Spirogyra.

In fact, she could barely pull herself together anymore as the curse had slowly gotten the better of her. Her body temperature was gradually increasing as she got weaker on her knees.

Ashlyn had a hard time catching her breath, pulling herself together because Lucas’ manly scent aroused her.

She was afraid she would lose control over herself once more if she stayed in such close proximity with the man. Due to Spirogyra, she might do something terrible to Lucas against her will.

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