My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 98

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 98

In the meantime, Hera, who had gone after Lucas, noticed the man had made his way into a doctor’s office.

She got anxious because it had been ten minutes since Lucas made his way into the doctor’s office, but he showed no signs of leaving at all.

Hera couldn’t figure out what Lucas was up to in the doctor’s office.

“Miss, do you need anything from any of the doctors?” A female doctor asked as she saw Hera pacing back and forth once she walked out of her office. She was Ashlyn’s colleague next door.

“Doctor, may I know which doctor’s office is this?” Hera tried beating around the bush.

“It’s Dr. Berry’s office. If you’re here to beg Dr. Berry and procure her aid, I’m afraid that’s impossible because she has never once given in to the request of any patient,” The female doctor explained, perceiving Hera to be just another patient’s family member.

“Thank you so much, doctor,” Hera replied, smiling.

Dr. Berry? She’s the attending physician of Grandpa, right? She was the one who had carried out the surgery.

The doctors in this hospital are weird, especially when they talk about Dr. Berry. They must be kidding, right? I will never beg such a trivial doctor when I’m the heiress of the Chapman family!

Hera smirked as she thought about it, but she got anxious when she recalled the fact that Lucas had yet to make his way out of the doctor’s office.

She was curious about the relationship Lucas had with the doctor because he had spent quite some time inside.

After some hesitation, she made up her mind in the end and decided to knock on Ashlyn’s door.

Suddenly, someone opened the door abruptly from within.

Hera felt a sense of relief as soon as she detected the familiar gorgeous face of the man. Since he had his clothes on, she was certain they weren’t engaged in any sorts of romantic activities inside.

She put on a surprised front, asking, “Huh? Lucas, what are you doing here?”

Lucas snorted in return, ignoring Hera’s question because the woman who showed up out of nowhere and interrupted his session with Ashlyn irritated him.

“May I know what brings you here?” Ashlyn asked.

“Oh… Dr. Berry, I have dropped by to inquire the details of my grandfather’s condition.” Hera stepped into Ashlyn’s office, secretly sizing up the confined space. She noticed it was a well-furbished space and there were no trails of hanky-panky which she thought they were engaged in.

Once she had her gaze on the woman who took a seat behind the table, Hera stopped smiling because she was startled by the woman’s gorgeous appearance.

Ashlyn was blessed with ethereal features, including a pair of glistering eyes, porcelain skin, and plump lips.

Her tied-up hair showed off her slender neck, and the white robe she wore portrayed her to be an intimidating professional, enabling her to assert dominance over others.

She stared at Hera with a poker face, and a glance from Ashlyn was all it took to daunt her.

It was evident Hera didn’t expect Dr. Berry to be such an out-of-the-world beauty because she had her surgical mask on her face previously.

Hera clenched her fists with all her might due to jealousy. She couldn’t deny the fact that she wasn’t a match for Ashlyn in terms of look, but she couldn’t possibly admit defeat either.

“I’m merely in charge of the surgery. Please get in touch with the other doctors if you have any inquiries regarding the patient’s situation,” Ashlyn moved her crimson lips, replying nonchalantly.

“Ms. Chapman, please leave,” She looked at the entrance of her office, instructing.

On the other hand, Hera would never expect that there would be a day she would be chased out of someone’s office in such a merciless manner.

She pursed her lips and took a peek at Lucas who was nearby.

Immediately, the woman’s callous voice could be heard once again, instructing, “Lucas, please leave as well!”

Suddenly, Hera’s eyes widened in disbelief the moment she heard Ashlyn’s words.

W-What the hell? Am I hearing things? Is she trying to chase Lucas out of her office? Isn’t she aware of who he was?

He’s the most influential man in Lake City. In short, no one can possibly defy his words because he reigns in Lake City.

While Hera lost herself in the process of thought, Lucas approached Ashlyn helplessly, stating, “I’ll pick you up after work today.”

“That won’t be necessary.” Ashlyn rejected the man’s initiative without any hesitation.

Although Lucas had departed, Hera stood right where she was in Ashlyn’s office, casting a skeptical and confused gaze at the woman in front of her, trying to figure out the rationale behind the man’s words. She was green with jealousy.

“Yes, Ms. Chapman?” Ashlyn was irritated by Hera’s presence because the woman in front of her didn’t seem like she was about to leave.

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